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Fascism 101 – Chicago Threatens To Withhold Benefits From Cops Who Refuse COVID Vaccine

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    In the divided states of America, progressives in blue states have advanced the Marxist world view which is in direct conflict with 2 centuries of traditional American individualism.

    With the presidential election victory of globalist Barack Obama in 2008, the U.N. and Great Reset deconstructionists found an arrogant neophyte politician to do their bidding, this time from inside the U.S. borders.

    When Obama left office in 2016, tens of thousands of federal, state, and judicial anti-American workers were embedded in the fabric of our nation, at all levels.

    Cities like Baltimore, LA, and Chicago are in moral decline following decades of failing progressives policies. Their politicians’ policies created class warfare, economically depressed urban areas, and increasing violence.

    In their attempt to not let a good crisis go to waste, democrats have exploited the COVID-19 pandemic by using and abusing their emergency powers instead of intervening for their citizens, helping them return to living as free Americans again.

    The city of Chicago has been battling with its police officers over a mandated COVID vaccine mandate for city employees.

    Last week Chicago Fraternal Order of Police John Catanzara spoke out against the vaccine mandate and vaccine status reporting portal.

    In response, the city asked and received an order from a Cook County judge which barred the Catanzara from telling the officers to not comply.

    With the officers not getting the vaccine as the deadline approached, Mayor Lightfoot took the cities threats up another level.

    This time, Lightfoot issued a statement Sunday night threatening the retirement benefits of officers who opt to retire from the force rather than submit to Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s COVID vaccine mandate and reporting system.

    A copy of the notice was reported by WMAQ-TV reporter Mary Ann Ahern who posted a copy to Twitter:

    The statement reads:

    “TO BE READ AT ALL ROLL CALLS FOR SEVEN (7) CONSECUTIVE DAYS. This AMC message informs Department members of the consequences of disobeying a direct order to comply with the City of Chicago’s Vaccination Policy issued 8 October 2021 and being the subject of the resulting disciplinary investigation. A Department member, civilian or sworn, who disobeys a direct order by a supervisor to comply with the City of Chicago’s Vaccination Policy issued 8 October 2021 will become the subject of a disciplinary investigation that could result in a penalty up to and including separation from the Chicago Police Department. Furthermore, sworn members who retire while under a disciplinary investigation may be denied retirement credentials…”

    The Chicago Tribune reported Monday on the FOP’s response to Sunday’s threatening statement by police brass(excerpt):

    The FOP, in response, sent a document to its members that provides language officers can use should they be asked to go to Internal Affairs and given a direct order to report their vaccination status through the city portal, according to multiple law enforcement sources.

    Complying with this INVALID order and the violation of MY Bargaining, Constitutional and Civil Rights has furthermore caused me severe anxiety while challenging both my religious and moral beliefs. I am in fact complying with this because I am being forced to do so under complete duress and threats of termination,” the document reads.

    The union told members who receive a direct order from a supervisor, to have that supervisor add their name to the FOP-provided document and advised members to keep a copy for themselves and send another to the union. According to a law enforcement source, the union also is urging members to turn on their body cameras and record the encounters, a call Chicago police union president John Catanzara has made before.

    Lightfoot ordered back in August that all city employees must be vaccinated by October 15. The deadline was later modified, after objections by the police union, to the end of the year, but with a proviso that unvaccinated workers submit to twice-weekly testing at their own expense. All workers were ordered to report their vaccine status through an online portal starting this Friday or face being put on no-pay status.

    I can see this heading to court unless one the sides unexpectedly gives in.

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