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Newsmax’s Stinchfield and Former Army Interrogator Discuss Kamala Harris’s Body Language

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    Newsmax host Grant Stinchfield recently had former United States Army Interrogator Gregory Hartley on as a body language expert guest to discuss Kamala Harris’s facial expressions from a recent “Today” show interview.

    In Kamala’s interview, “Today” show host Craig Melvin asked her questions that she clearly did not expect to be asked.  Specifically, Melvin asked:

    • “Why has the administration not been able to get Senate Democrats onboard?” in regards to voting legislation.
    • “Why has it taken this long?”, as a follow up question.
    • “Are we going to uh see the same democratic ticket in 2024?” in regards to Kamala running in 2024.

    At one point in the Newsmax spot Stinchfield pointed out that Kamala almost seemed to act “like a little girl” to deflect unwanted questions, to which Hartley replied that Harris was probably genuinely surprised by the questions.

    The Western Journal had more to say on the Kamala Harris body language analysis:

    During discussion of voting rights legislation, Kamala was asked, “Why has the administration not been able to get Senate Democrats onboard?”

    “We are not giving up,” she claimed.

    Seemingly unsatisfied with her response Melvin continued to press, “Why has it taken this long?”

    Harris claimed, “We don’t give up, and we will not give up,” but Hartley noted her mannerisms told a different story than the confidence she attempted to portray.

    “There’s an automatic redirect,” Hartley pointed out. “You will see her face start to hold her forehead up to ask for approval, and you see her blink rate increase, which indicates fight-or-flight.”

    Hartley also gave insight to what Kamala’s lips revealed.

    “Her lips compress to hold back some kind of information, and then she purses her lips to condemn.” He went on to indicate he has seen this from her before. “It’s classic Kamala Harris.”

    He also noted that Kamala avoided eye contact when Melvin proposed her being Biden’s running mate for 2024.

    “She stammers as she tries to navigate what to say,” Hartley said. “When you’re feeling stressed, you lose your cadence, your normal cadence, and you lose your ability to structure language.”

    Hartley went on to say, “That would roll off my tongue if I knew I was going to be the running mate in 2024. I would say, ‘Eh, there is nothing to that. That’s just garbage’ and just push it aside. You didn’t see that. You saw stress, and you saw her blink rate go through the roof. Good indicators that something is going on inside her body.”

    The voting legislation being referred to in the Melvin interview is the oxymoronically named “Freedom to Vote” Act, which of course legalizes Democrats ability to cheat with no voter ID, drop boxes everywhere, ballot harvesting galore, and voter rolls filled with dead people that vote when needed.

    One noted Kamala trait absent from both the interview and the Stinchfield analysis was her cringe cackle, which is as annoying as it is ripe for ridicule.  For those that need a daily cringe, the “Today” show interview can be viewed below.


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