Screaming White House Staffers Block Angry Reporters from Asking Any Questions

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It was another surreal moment within the Biden universe on Tuesday, as a masked Biden sat across British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the White House, seemingly unaware of what was taking place around him.

The Prime Minister’s visit as a head of state usually requires a few well known protocols. One of which is a brief photo op with the president in the Oval Office followed usually by a question and answer segment. During this time both world leaders field questions by their countries respective reporters within the press-pool of journalist standing a few yards away within the Oval Office.

The brief photo op completed, the Prime Minister thanked Biden for hosting him at the White House, than inquired if it would be Ok to take a few questions; “I think, would it be OK if we just have a couple of questions? Just a just a couple of questions.”

That impromptu suggestion, apparently freaked out the Biden handlers who were hiding somewhere within the White House.

Good luck,” Biden muttered through his face mask which covered almost his entire face.

Johnson first called on Reporter Harry Cole of the Sun newspaper who asked Biden about the prospect of a British-US deal following the completion of Brexit. The reporter then asked Biden about the legal status of a US government employee named Anne Sacoolas who killed a 19 year old Brit named Harry Dunn in a wrong-way crash in England in 2019.

What possible justification is there for Anne Sacoolas not to be extradited to the United Kingdom to face justice over the death of Harry Dunn?” asked Cole.

Biden obviously caught off-guard once again mumbled through his face mask, initially responding that the case is being worked on before later admitting that he didn’t actually know the status of the case at all. 

The question and answer segment lasted for a few more minutes until it appeared that the 78 year old Biden was beginning wane. That’s when White House staffers also known as “wranglers” began shouting at reporters that their time was up, and that they needed to exit the Oval Office “pronto.”

The yelling by White House staffers continued even drowning out the Prime Minister in mid-sentence.

“MOMENTS AGO: Staff orders news media to leave The White House as UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks mid-sentence.”

CBS’s Ed O’Keefe attempted to get Bidens reaction to the mayhem currently being played out at our southern border, where better than 10,000 illegal Haitians are camped under a bridge in Del Rio Texas, living in squalor.

O’Keefe tweeted that he heard Biden say “violence is not justified.”

Screeching White House staffers, physically pushing out White House pool reporters has apparently infuriated them, so they confronted press secretary Jan Psaki.

“The entire editorial component of the US pool went immediately into Jen Psaki’s office to register a formal complaint that no American reporters were recognized for questions in the president’s Oval Office, and that wranglers loudly shouted over the president as he seemed to give an answer to Ed O’Keefe’s question about the situation at the Southern Border,” he said in a statement, according to Fox News.

The surreal encounter caught the eye of the former Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage, who was on “Fox & Friends First”, stating that the UK leader was “stunned” to see Biden simply walk away from reporter’s question.

Adding, “Is he actually fit for office?

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