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This State Now Allows Minors To Get Abortions Without Telling Parents

    Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

    On December 17th, 2021, Gov. J.B. Pritzker of Illionois signed a bill that essentially allows young women of any age to undergo a significant, life altering medical procedure, without notifying their parents. The bill repeals a law that required providers of abortion to contact the parents or legal guardians of minors under 17 years of age at least 48 hours prior to the procedure.

    Those in support of the new bill claim that it protects “vulnerable” young women (children) who may have been raped or abused. That’s a noble sentiment of course, but doesn’t it also protect the men who are abusing them? Doesn’t it remove the evidence? Now, that might be a harsh way to view things, but let’s be real for a moment.

    If a thirty-some-year old man impregnates a 14-year old girl, how much easier is it for him now to convince her to get an abortion? How much undue pressure could she be facing, having a sexual predator in her life to begin with. If the parents are unaware, at least an abortion notification would give her parents some kind of hint that their daughter is being abused.

    Even if it’s not a man with a significant age gap, too many people outside of the child’s life may be putting reckless pressure on her to abort the child. Be it another teenager, their parents, older siblings, teachers, and even doctors. People who have less a say in that young woman’s life are allowed to tell her anything they want about killing the child over the parents themselves.

    Even if the parents are okay with the abortion, they can’t help to support the child if she needs it because they weren’t aware of it to begin with. Most women come out of abortions feeling guilt and shame. They become overwhelmed with grief. How are parents going to support and find help for their daughter when they are unaware that there is a problem to begin with? Especially if it was a rape.

    Leftists often complain that women and young girls are raped regularly, and yet one of the few notifications that a parent can receive has just been removed in the state of the Illinois. All in the name of “women’s reproductive rights”.

    And that’s only looking at the emotional turmoil that can result from an abortion. Never mind the medical repercussions that might come about if the abortion is botched!

    If that child passes and the parents are unaware, will Democrats be held liable for the young girl dying? How is a parent supposed to know that there’s a medical emergency taking place if they are unaware that the procedure happened to begin with?

    What if the young girl loses her ability to have children? Do Democrats in Illinois truly expect children to understand that weight of the decision they are making without parental guidance, advice, or support? How many girls did you know as a teen or younger that claimed they’d never have children, or that they didn’t want any? How many of those same girls have a family now and wouldn’t give them up for the world?

    Human Events reported:

    “With reproductive rights under attack across the nation, Illinois is once again establishing itself as a leader in ensuring access to healthcare services,” Pritzker said in a press release. 

    “The law also creates a “Youth Health and Safety Advisory Working Group to identify laws and policies that impact parenting and pregnant youth under the age of 18,” per the press release.

    “Democrats argue the Illinois law, which goes into effect June 1, 2022, will protect reproductive rights for women of all ages. 

    “Meanwhile, Republicans argue the new law places girls in danger. 

    Parents deserve the right to know if their minor child is seeking any major medical procedure, especially one like an abortion where there can be serious short- and long-term consequences,” Republican state House Rep. Avery Bourne said. “Instead, today the Democrat majority has chosen to recklessly push those rights to the wayside.”

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