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2A Under Attack: Brandon Calls for More Gun Control in White House Statement

    Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

    What’s the solution to violent crime? How can we stop those that brutalize their fellow citizens, including law enforcement officers, from doing so?

    The reasonable person would respond by saying that the criminals are to blame for their actions and should, as a result, be taken off of the streets. By locking them up and throwing away the key, they can be kept off of the streets and prevented from preying on law-abiding Americans.

    Predictably, however, that’s not the position of the Democrats. They’d rather see average gun owners suffer under the burden of yet more restrictions on the sacred right of self-defense and firearm ownership that’s enshrined in the 2nd Amendment than see criminals locked up for good. So, they’re coming for your guns and Brandon is leading the charge.

    He announced as much in a recent White House statement, saying:

    Today, the Biden Administration is announcing additional actions to reduce gun crime and make communities safer. This plan builds on the steps the President has taken since the beginning of his Administration to stop the flow of guns being used in crimes…

    […]President Biden also recognizes the important role that federal law enforcement plays in supporting their local partners – especially in stopping the interstate flow of guns used in crimes, like the gun that was used in the tragic recent fatal shooting of two NYPD officers. The Department of Justice has launched five gun trafficking strike forces, including one in New York City, and it has implemented a nationwide strategy to combat violent crime, which has focused over the past year in taking violent criminals and thousands of crime guns off the streets.

    As you’ll notice, the focus is on guns, not criminals. Though the statement pays lip service to the idea of fighting violent crime by taking criminals off the street, it’s obvious that the major focus is on guns, not the criminals. Hence why the statement includes such phrases as “the gun that was used” but entirely ignores the criminal who was wielding it.

    Continuing its anti-gun stance, the statement goes on to include a whole host of new, anti-gun measures, saying:

    Today, the U.S. Department of Justice announced a set of important new actions to stem the flow of firearms used to commit violence and support local law enforcement partners in efforts to combat gun crime. The Justice Department will:

    • Prioritize combating violent crime by directing every U.S. Attorney’s Office nationwide to increase resources dedicated to district-specific violent crime strategies. The Justice Department will work with state and local law enforcement to address the most significant drivers of violence in each district, including to get repeat gun violence offenders off of our streets.  New York City’s Gun Violence Strategic Partnership – which the President and Attorney General will visit today with Mayor Eric Adams – is one model of the strategies Justice will help expand nationwide.
    • Crack down on the “Iron Pipeline” – the illegal flow of guns sold in the south, transported up the East Coast, and found at crime scenes in cities from Baltimore to New York City – and other firearms trafficking by adding personnel and other resources to strengthen the Justice Department’s multijurisdictional task forces that target interstate firearms trafficking.
    • Launch a National Ghost Gun Enforcement Initiative, which will train a national cadre of prosecutors and disseminate investigation and prosecution tools to help bring cases against those who use ghost guns to commit crimes.   
    • Pursue unlawful gun sellers that put firearms in the wrong hands by taking steps such as prioritizing federal prosecutions of those who criminally sell or transfer firearms that are used in violent crimes, including unlicensed dealers who sell guns to criminals without the required background checks. 

    This is what early attempts at gun confiscation look like. Criminals already can’t own guns. That law is on the books, it’s just not enforced because Democrats would rather go after law-abiding citizens and their firearms than after vicious criminals. The solution isn’t more laws, it’s fewer criminals on the street.

    And, as a reminder, the 2nd Amendment says “shall not be infringed.” Not, “if you see an advantage to use a crime for political advantage go ahead and infringe on this right.”

    By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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