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4 Year Old Too Young To Read Can Determine His/her Gender, Says “The Science”

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    Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

    NOTE: The following article is satire, not a statement of fact.

    How crazy has the left gotten? So crazy that now it’s saying that children so young they probably can’t even read should be able to change their genders if they “decide” that they’re really a boy instead of a girl or girl instead of a boy.

    That push to let not just adults and older adolescents, but even young children, trans themselves has infuriated the right, leading GOP leaders to go on the attack and attempt to stop blue-haired lunatics in schools from prattling on and on to kids about why they should change their genders, to fight back against the looney doctors that would mutilate kids or give them puberty blockers to affect the gender change, and to “slow the spread” of looney ideas pushed by such people as those.

    But the left is fighting back too, pushing back against the sort of creeps that not only would tell kids too young to read that they can change their genders, but do tell kids that young such things.

    In fact, the woman who has taken over as “the science” now that Dr. Fauci has retired, Admiral Rachel Levine, has been on the warpath against Republicans, promoting the idea that kids can change their gender with all due vigor.

    Speaking on the issue, Admiral Levine said:

    Kids know many things. They know they want candy. Know they want dino chicken nuggets. Know they don’t want to eat broccoli. They’re smart, smarter than we give them credit for.

    “But it’s not just in small things that they’re smart. They ‘catch the drift’, so to speak, about big things too.

    “And one of those, as I’ll be quick to remind by Republican peers, is gender. Yes, they might not be able to read and understand all the intricacies of transgenderism and the surgery required to change their genders. But that doesn’t matter. A person, whether boy or girl, man or woman, wolf or Apache attack helicopter, knows their gender. Adults know that, teens know that, and even your little four-year-old too young to read knows that as well.

    “That might shock you, might seem crazy, but it’s important. If your kid says that he wants to transition from girl to boy then you need to do your best to make that happen, no matter how young he is. It’s the right thing to do and doing otherwise is not just what Republicans would do, but is transphobic and evil. If you don’t want to be transphobic and evil, then you need to step up now and fight for their right to change their genders, no matter how young.”

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