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A Scary Video Shows Why Gun Rights are Women’s Rights

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    This video has been making the rounds on Twitter recently but, in case you haven’t seen it yet, give it a watch here:

    What you see in that video is the best defense ever of the right to keep and bear arms for self-defense.

    A big, burly man, sat waiting in a car for a potential victim to walk close by enough to assault. A young woman, just going about her business, was walking nearby, so he tore our of the car like a flash and rushed toward her, ready to do God knows what to her. Perhaps his goal was robbery, perhaps rape, perhaps abduction, or perhaps murder. Fortunately, neither we nor she have to find out.

    Why? Because she was packing heat. As the vicious thug ran toward her, ready to inflict whatever horrific crime was in his mind, she drew and fired, ending the threat.

    Had she been unarmed, or had she only had a knife or pepper spray, she probably wouldn’t have survived the encounter or gotten away without a scratch. The thug charging her was massive, a solid brick, and she wouldn’t have stood a chance.

    But, fortunately, she was armed. As the saying from the days of the Old West goes, “They say God made man, but Sam Colt made them equal.” Indeed. A handgun with multiple rounds that can be fired at the pull of a trigger gives anyone a chance of surviving an encounter with a thug, particularly in cases like this, where the base power disparity between the two is so obvious.

    America is becoming a dangerous place, particularly in the cities. Illegal immigrants with gang affiliations have rushed across the southern border, boosting gangs like MS-13 in America. Drug use has become all the more prevalent, funding violent crime. Democrats, with their soft on crime policies and defund the police rhetoric, have let criminals out of jail and emboldened those already on the streets.

    In times like these, times when a thug ready to rape, rob, or murder you could be behind any corner, gun rights are more important than ever, particularly for women.

    It’s that revolver or semi-automatic handgun, that firepower that can stop a man in a package little larger than your hand, that makes all equal. Without it, those of slighter builds are at the mercy of those who are larger. Those with the most muscle, most fighting experience, and least restraint when it comes to using violence are at an inherent advantage in an unarmed society.

    But in an armed society, or at least one where citizens could be walking around armed, all are equal. When a Glock 19 or Sig 320 is tucked in your handbag or strapped to your hip, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a jiu-jitsu master or someone who’s never been in a fight; because you’re armed, you can stop and drop the threat without breaking a sweat, as was the case in the above video.

    By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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