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“Dark Knight” Movie Creator Pledges to Produce Film Where Batman Ends Crime Wave by Beating Up Soft-on-Crime Democrats

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    Many don’t know this, but the creative genius behind the “Dark Knight” films is actually something of a conservative. “The Dark Knight” exposes the failure with going after ruthless criminals while constrained by an ineffective code of rules, for example, and “The Dark Knight Rises” is a not-so-subtle critique of the French Revolution and Occupy Wall Street protests.

    Well, now he’s back at it, convincing Christian Bale to come back for a final Dark Knight installment in which Batman returns to Gotham to beat up the ineffective city government, all of whom will be soft-on-crime, “bail reform” promoting Democrats, to restore order in Gotham and end the crime wave turning it into an unlivable hellhole.

    Commenting on why he decided to return for the very anti-left film, Bale said:

    Well, though I’m a liberal, I realize that many of my fans are Terminally Online Right Wingers that love memes and such, and they’re particularly big fans of my Patrick Bateman character from American Psycho and critical portrayal of Dick Cheney in Vice.

    “And so, since I don’t really have much else to do and want to get jacked again anyway, I figured I might as well just do the Dark Knight think again and make some more scenes that my fans on Twitter will love. Soon enough, you’ll be seeing a whole new crop of memes pop up where Bateman takes on Democrats in the city leadership.

    “Plus, heck, the crime thing is just absurd and it’s obviously the fault of these idiots in charge. Like just lock up criminals so they can’t prey on people on the streets…it’s really not that hard, and surely a guy dressed up as a bat isn’t needed. 

    “So yeah, this will be a fun one and hopefully lots of memes will come from it.

    And the memes have already started. One Twitter account going by the name “Mel Gibson After 17 Beers” has photoshopped pictures of a stylized version of Patrick Bateman called “Chadwick Bateman” (Patrick Bateman has been made to look like “Gigachad” and has broad shoulders and a very strong jaw in the meme), beating up Lori Lightfoot, who looks like “The Penguin” without being photoshopped at all.

    Lori Lightfoot called the memes “dangerous” and called on Biden to send the FBI after “Mel Gibson After 17 Beers,” but Biden, who thinks Batman is real and fears him because the “Marines are gay now,” has so far refused to get involved and told Mayor Lightfoot to deal with the situation on her own.

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