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Biden Bans Lessons on Fall of Rome in American Schools, Citing “Racist” Lessons about Mass Migration Ending the Empire

    Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

    NOTE: the following article is satire, not a statement of fact. Treat it as such.

    Rather than secure the border and keep massive hordes of migrants from flowing across it and into America without so much as even an attempt at corralling them, much less stopping them, Biden has decided to take the opposite tack and do all but actively help them make it across the border.

    He’s cut deportations, punished agents that did their jobs and tried to stop the migrants, broke Trump’s agreement with Mexico to keep migrants from crossing through it, and otherwise done whatever is in his power to help promote illegal immigration.

    But the public is far from being in favor of such policies, with only leftist ideologues and GOP corporatists that want access to cheap labor supporting the mass migration wave. Working class Americans hate how mass migration cuts their wages, middle class Americans detest the tax burden placed on their shoulders by a government that needs to pay to deal with the migrants, and all Americans (again except for the ideologues) are sick and tired of the crime wave brought by the drug traffickers, human traffickers, gang members, and criminals that make up a large portion of the migrant horde.

    Biden, however, hasn’t proven himself responsive to those concerns. Rather, he’s taken the opposite course, doing his best to kneecap and outlaw concerns.

    One way he’s doing so is by banning any institution that takes federal money from discussing the fall of the Roman Empire, with “experts” within his administration telling him that it is “racist” for Americans to discuss the fall of Rome because of the role of migrant hordes in bringing about that collapse.

    Professor Desmond Tutu, for example, a former professor that taught such classes as “migrations in history” and “white guilt, BIPOC pain”, said:

    “Now listen here, America: it’s racist to talk about Rome falling. Why? Because Alaric and his hordes of Goths were migrants. All they wanted was a better life, as recent scholarship has shown, and their takeover of Italy and the remnants of the Roman Empire was ‘mostly peaceful’, so it should be cheered, not bemoaned.

    “In fact, it was probably good for Rome that the migrants took over, so saying otherwise is spreading disinformation and should get you censored, at the very least.”

    Biden apparently agreed with that perspective, as he sent out a demand in the form of an executive order demanding that universities follow Professor Tutu’s advice and refuse to teach anything about the Fall of Rome other than that it was a good thing because it led to the liberation of oppressed groups, reparations for poorly treated non-Romans, and a “vibrant renewal” of Roman culture that “lasted for the ages.”

    However, some schools are already pushing back, with schools in Florida declaring that they’ll now make courses on the “disastrous fall of Rome” mandatory, much to Biden’s chagrin.

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