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Biden Blames “Racism” for Failing Foreign Policy

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    Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

    NOTE: The following article is satire, not a statement of fact. Treat it as such

    What’s going wrong with Biden’s foreign policy? Why are things collapsing in the Ukraine, a total disaster in Afghanistan, and hardly to America’s advantage in Asia? Why are our allies in Europe struggling to keep the lights on as China looks poised to retake Taiwan and Russia seems ready to push to victory in the Ukraine?

    A rational observer would not that foreign policy mistake after foreign policy mistake is to blame. The invasion wouldn’t have happened had Biden and his advisors just assured Putin that the Ukraine wouldn’t be admitted to NATO, a well-known red line for Russia. That would have been enough, as it’s all Putin wanted and we had promised not to expand NATO when the Soviet Union collapsed. But the hubristic Biden Administration wouldn’t say so, so the invasion happened. Then there’s the China-Taiwan situation.

    Were Biden a strong president and were the military focused on warfighting rather than wokeness, that wouldn’t happen. But, of course, the military is too busy transing the troops to defend the Taiwan Straight and Biden’s son is collecting paychecks from the CCP for “access” to his daddy. So the warships are loading and fueling while the US Navy gives lectures on anti-racism.

    And that’s not all, of course. There’s the Europeans being unable to keep the lights on, a clear consequence of our delustional anti-Russian policy and the sabotage of the Nordstream Pipeline. There’s Africa leaning towards China, a clear consequence of our delusions and weakness.

    But, Biden has, according to our source within the White House, refused to accept that. Instead of realizing that he’s messed up and working to correct it with better policies, he’s doing what libs always do now when the chips are down: blaming “racism” for his problems.

    Biden did so during a ranting and raving temper tantrum at a Cabinet meeting, saying “All these folks are just racist, Jack! That’s why things ain’t working! I know, I know, I’m white. But still, just think about it. Gotta think. Russia? China? They hate us for our freedoms and diversity. That’s why they want to destroy us. Clear as day, Jack. So we gotta fight that racism. What should we do?”

    Mark Milley, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, proposed sending a dozen or so nuclear bombs to the Ukraine and emblazoning them with the Black Lives Matter fist to show our committment to diversity. Biden supposedly loved the idea, saying that it was going to be a great way to show Putin that “racism doesn’t pay” and that “black trans women are the future of warfighting.”

    By: Will Tanner. Follow me on Twitter @Will_Tanner_1

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