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Brandon Mocked After Wearing Christmas Sweater to New Years’ Eve Party

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    Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

    NOTE: The following article is satire, not a statement of fact. Treat it as such.

    In yet another awkward moment and large backstep for the Biden Administration as it desperately attempts to convince Americans that Biden isn’t senile before he tries running for President again in 2024, President Slow Joe Biden was widely mocked online after wearing a Christmas sweater to a New Years’ Eve party and being photographed in it before Dr. Jill forced him to put on something else instead.

    The party, held at the White House, departed from being the normal black tie type of events normally held by the White House, with Biden trying to stay up longer by dressing more comfortably. Guests got into it, having fun wearing all manner of fun and comfortable costumes and outfits instead of the more formal and less comfortable white or black tie attire.

    Additionally, Team Biden officials thought the attire change was a good one because it made Biden and those surrounding him seem much more like average people than out of touch oligarchs, as might have been the case were Biden to be photographed at a fancy gala in black tie attire as normal Americans suffer under his disaster of an economy and crushing inflation prints.

    Unfortunately for Biden and his team, however, all that good work was undone when the senile president walked down the steps to the party on his own, looking lost and wearing a Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer sweater with a light-up nose and Rudolf wearing Raybans Aviator sunglasses.

    Shocked, the guests all acted like the sweater was a joke at first, but got clearly uncomfortable as it became obvious to them that Biden did not realize it was New Years’ Eve instead of Christmas Eve. In fact, he wished numerous guests, some of whom were Jewish, a “Merry Christmas” and then started pouting when they didn’t say it back and he didn’t find any presents to unwrap.

    The Secret Service averted a present-based disaster by letting him unwrap a few cellophane-wrapped sandwiches in the White House kitchen, but then Jill had to intervene to get him into a different sweater. Biden could be heard fighting with her about it in a video of the party, saying that it was the “Eve party” and so “Rudolf had definitely been invited”.

    The two then kept fighting when moving away from the camera, but the problem eventually went away after Biden wished everyone a good night and went to sleep at 9:15 pm, which Trump joked on Truth Social was “well past sleepy, senile Joe’s early bed time.” Commenting further on the matter, Trump said that “senile Joe often goes to bed before 5 pm! What a loser, how are world leaders supposed to take us seriously?!”

    Biden, for his part, posted a picture of eggnog on his Twitter the next morning and said that he was excited for the season’s best drink.

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