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BREAKING: Brandon Blames “Racism” for Storm Tragedies

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    Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

    NOTE: The following article is satire, not a statement of fact. Treat it as such.

    Storms recently tore through American and Biden, always wanting to be part of the day’s events, released a statement on the matter in which he said that he was praying for those impacted and would do what he could to help, saying:

    Jill and I are praying for everyone impacted by the devastating storms this weekend.

    While we are still assessing the full extent of the damage, we know families across America are mourning the loss of loved ones, desperately waiting for news of others fighting for their lives, and sorting through the rubble of their homes and businesses.

    I’ve directed my team to bring every element of the federal government together to help with immediate needs and long-term rebuilding. Early this morning, I approved an expedited major disaster declaration to quickly provide Federal assistance to the people of Arkansas. This weekend, I reached out to Governor J.B. Pritzker of Illinois and spoke with Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr., and Wynne Mayor Jennifer Hobbs of Arkansas as well as Governor John Carney of Delaware to let them know that my administration will do everything we can to help, as long as it takes. I also spoke with my FEMA Administrator, who already has teams on the ground and is in Arkansas today to coordinate Federal response and recovery efforts. We are working closely with the state of Indiana and other impacted states as they assess damages, and stand ready to respond to any additional requests for Federal assistance.

    There’s nothing we can do to heal the hole left in the hearts of far too many families who lost loved ones this weekend, but we will be there every step of the way as they rebuild and recover.

    All would have been well had he ended things there. He would have said the right things, offered the necessary aid, and avoided doing the dangerous thing and infuriating people hurt by a natural disaster.

    But, as a progressive, he couldn’t leave well enough alone. So, instead, he continued. In the next paragraph, he blamed “racism” for the storm, saying:

    “Now, this is sad, but what’s sadder is that this unspeakable tragedy was caused by racism. Had communities been willing to band together instead of white people using their power to keep people of color down and out, things would have been alright. Homes would have been safe, people woulda been okay, none of this would have happened. But that’s not what was done. Instead, Governor Sanders and her state stayed racist and so now Americans are suffering from a terrible tragedy. That’s why my administration is taking a stand against racism and is fighting back. We know what’s right, we know what’s moral, we know what’s true, and we know all of that means that we need to fight racism in all its ugly forms.”

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