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BREAKING: FBI Labels “FJB” Chant “Hate Speech”

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    Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

    NOTE: The following article is satire, not a statement of fact. Treat it as such.

    Following the absurd, obviously precedent-shattering FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence, Americans around the country have rallied to Trump’s defense, appearing outside FBI field offices, state government buildings, and the FBI Hoover Building in DC to protest against the DOJ’s drift toward tyranny.

    During those tense protests, protests full of anger directed toward the FBI, a common chant has been the “F*** Joe Biden” chant that grew so popular last fall during football games and other sporting events, when Americans around the nation banded together to voice their disapproval of the Biden regime.

    But now the Deep State apparatchiks have been emboldened following the Mar-a-Lago raid and are playing for keeps, and so are willing to do things they would have previously thought unthinkable to tamp down on the protests and crush any signs of dissent with the police state or FBI.

    And so, as a way of combatting the protests and finding ways to silence those in them, the FBI has decided to label the ubiquitous “FJB” chant as being “hate speech”, a policy change that it announced by posting it to Twitter (and getting ratioed by no less than 17 accounts with Pepe the Frog pfps), saying that “because President Biden employs many people of color, voicing disapproval with his administration in a crude way is hate speech, as it means that the people making the chants are racists and against seeing people of color in office.”

    Ignored there is that Biden is white, and that hate speech isn’t a real thing. It was just made up by leftists upset with the 1st Amendment.

    But, regardless, the FBI is prosecuting people who start chanting f*** Joe Biden during anti-FBI and anti-Biden protests, sending in baton-wielding riot police to crack conservative skulls and drag away those people that dare to chant the forbidden chant.

    So far, 90,000 Trump supporters have been arrested, with the FBI running out of places to put them when they are detained and so resorting to confining them to one large FEMA camp in California, shipping them there on trains and confining them indefinitely as new courts are stood up to prosecute this new type of “hate speech.” The courts will hear cases in DC, New York City, and Los Angeles, cities very favorable to leftist prosecutors.

    Then there are social media companies, which have also started kicking people off for hate speech if they say “f*** Joe Biden” and are censoring any mentions of the detention camps that refer to them as “concentration camps,” citing an FBI statement that the camps are “definitely not concentration camps” and that “Trump is Hitler, so these anti-Trump camps are the opposite of whatever Hitler did.”

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