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BREAKING: New Video Shows Kamala Leaving Banana Peel on Air Force One Stairs for Brandon to Slip On

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    NOTE: The following article is satire, not a statement of fact. Treat it as such.

    In a shocking new video that shows the lengths Kamala will go to quench her nearly insatiable thirst for power, Vice President Kamala Harris can be seen trying to discreetly drop a banana peel on the steps of Air Force One in the path of President Slow Joe Biden, who she was walking directly in front of.

    The video, taken the day after Thanksgiving as the two travelled back to DC from a trip meant to garner some goodwill from around the country on Thanksgiving, shows Kamala finish eating a banana when standing near the bottom of the steps then keep it in her right hand when starting the walk up the Air Force One steps. Once about 1/3 of the way up, with Biden following about 10 steps behind her, Kamala can be seen starting to glance around to see if anyone is watching.

    Not catching a glimpse of the person videoing their progression up the steps of Air Force One, Kamala then, once about halfway up, dropped the peel directly in the path of Biden, who didn’t appear to notice it and nearly stepped on the peel.

    He was, however, stopped from what could have been an incredibly dangerous slip down the Air Force One steps by a watchful Secret Service agent that saw Kamala drop the peel and sprinted up the steps to stop Biden and grab the peel, potentially saving his life.

    Kamala, who had made it up the steps by the time she realized Biden hadn’t slipped, could be seen grimacing when she realized Biden hadn’t slipped and gotten hurt and she was still Vice President rather than President.

    The video then ended shortly after the watchful Secret Service agent could be seen yelling at Kamala at the top of the steps as the remainder of the Biden entourage looked on confusedly, obviously not sure what Kamala had done or why the Secret Service was suddenly treating her as a threat.

    As the video ended, however, we are unsure what exactly followed, though a source within the White House tells us that the Secret Service is now treating Kamala Harris as a threat and has placed her on lockdown inside the White House and is not letting her near Biden or the Biden family despite her screaming at them for being “racist” in keeping her locked up and cooped up.

    She will apparently not be booted from the White House or sent to jail, however, because Team Biden fears being called “racist” if it does so.

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