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British “Grooming Gangs” Protest American Use of Term Groomer to Describe Leftist Teachers, Say They Don’t Want to Be Associated with Those Creeps [SATIRE]

    Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

    NOTE: This is satire, not a statement of fact. Treat it as such.

    As many who have kept up with Europe’s descent into hell as a result of political correctness know, “groomer gangs” are a big problem over there.

    The gangs of Pakistani men are known for drugging young British girls and then forcing them into sexual servitude, raping the young women hundreds of times, as British police do nothing to stop them out of concerns about not being politically correct or being called “racists” by the rapist gang members.

    Meanwhile, in America, which is going to hell in a handbasket but in a different way, the right has taken to calling those teachers that want to talk to kids about sex and their genitals, along with the leftist and RINO politicos that defend those teachers, “groomers.”

    Well, the head of Lanchester’s largest grooming gang, Muhammed Abu-al-Fateyah, (hereafter “Fateyah”), speaking in a press conference after a discussion amongst all of the United Kingdom’s grooming gangs, had this to say:

    “By the will of the most peaceful and holy prophet himself, we hereby demand that you stop using the same term to refer to us and those creepy teachers in America. 

    “Yes, we understand that you hate us. We drug and rape your women, as we are strong and you are weak. Of course you detest us. But, though we do as we please to the soft Westerners, we do not talk to young boys and girls about sex. We do not demand young men castrate themselves or young women try to become boys. That is weird.

    “So, we are willing to make a deal. We will promise to stop doing what we’re doing and hereafter refrain from taking sex slaves for so long as the craziness is happening in the US and those weird, blue-haired teachers are telling six-year-olds to touch themselves, so long as you stop referring to us and them by the same name. 

    “Inshallah, you will accept our offer. Those creeps are crazy and we don’t want to be associated with them.”

    Fateyah then ended his speech and wandered off to use and sell some black tar heroin.

    The British police, also not wanting anyone in their country to be associated with Disney employees or American elementary school teachers, immediately accepted the offer and settled on the term “non-Western, non-traditional flirtation gangs” to describe the rape gangs for the duration of the American pedophilia crisis.

    Meanwhile, back in the states, a teacher recently convicted of illegally giving hormone blockers to all the kids in her class without anyone’s consent said, when asked about the British decision in an interview after her hearing, that she “didn’t want to be associated with those traditionalist fascists anyways.” Attacked by a PC mob afterward, she apologized and said she was referring to the British police, not the Islamist rape gangs and that she was very tolerant of Muslims.

    Trump, posting about the whole situation on Truth, said “Weird! We used to know how to deal with these people!”

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