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“Bullets are Too Expensive”: Uvalde Cops Blame Bidenflation for Non-Response to School Shooting

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    Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

    NOTE: The following article is satire, not a statement of fact. Treat it as such.

    Why did the Uvalde police stand around like cowards and let the children inside an elementary school be massacred by a psycho hell bent on spreading misery and destruction through murder of the most horrific sort?

    Turns out, if the SWAT commander and a few local, anonymous officers are to be believed, that Bidenflation is to blame. That’s because bullets have gotten so expensive under the current Bidenflation regime that officers aren’t allowed to carry loaded weapons, but rather the station hoards its precious supply of bullets.

    One officer, speaking on a condition of anonymity to avoid retaliation from the local government, had this to say:

    Obviously we wanted to intervene. I was sitting in my car, tears streaming down my face, demanding that my fellow officers just damn the guns and rush into the building, trying to use our tasers to put down the shooter, or at least give the kids cover to escape.

    “But no one would, we kept being promised that the bullets would be arriving momentarily, that the armory had broken open the precious boxes and would be distributing them to us so that we could fight back and rescue the kids.

    “Turns out, the department was slow walking bringing the bullets to the scene of the massacre because they were hoping the shooter would run out of ammo, and thus that we wouldn’t have to expend the bullets. Apparently, a few rounds of 5.56 is more precious to the city government and police heads than the lives of our children.

    “So that’s why we weren’t able to respond: they wouldn’t bring us our ammo because it’s too expensive thanks to Bidenflation. FJB, I guess.

    Another officer, though he wouldn’t comment on the ammo delivery issue directly, though he did mention that there was a reason the issue was only dealt with when a border agent showed up with a privately owned, and thus privately loaded, shotgun that he used to put down the threat.

    Noting that, the officer said “Well, none of us were able to get into the building because we didn’t have ammo for…reasons. Fortunately someone showed up with a privately owned firearm, and thus it was loaded, and he was able to enter the building and deal with the shooter.

    Another, speaking of the effect of Bidenflation on the ammunition industry and situation, said:

    I desperately wanted to go in the building. But ammo is so expensive that they won’t issue it to us, so I couldn’t. What was I gonna do, run in with a tomahawk? Anyway, the ammo situation is getting absurd. Bullets are costing anywhere from a few dollars to ten dollars each, which the cheapos running the department weren’t willing to shell out to save those kids.

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