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“Burn, Loot, Murder”: Vladimir Putin Sounds Off on BLM When Explaining Ukraine Invasion

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    Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

    NOTE: The following article is satire, not a statement of fact. Treat it as such.

    Apparently feeling the need to explain the real intent behind the invasion of the Ukraine following the recent assassination attempt on the life of Dugin, a Russian political philosopher who has pushed the idea that Holy Russia is a defender of Christendom and opposed to the decadent West, Vladimir Putin spoke about the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine, saying:

    Look, the reason for this invasion, for my sending troops to keep the peace in that former territory of Russia’s, is very simple. I mean no one harm and want no one to get hurt, but I won’t let the crazies take over this part of the world like they have taken over the West.

    “Just look at America: there those masked radicals behind BLM, which they say means “black lives matter” but so obviously means “burn, loot, and murder”, took over the nation for months on end. They burned down cities, looted store after store and preyed upon honest business owners, and murdered dozens of innocent people.

    “We won’t let that happen here. Those burn, loot, and murder thugs will be turned away and fought off with all due strength.

    “That war has started in the Ukraine but will be expanded as necessary. You see, the West has fully bought into the nonsense. It has accepted the thugs. It has pushed their thuggery on the world: just look at the Churchill statues torn down in Great Britain! Sickening and saddening to the highest degree.

    “No, this won’t happen in our corner of the world. We’ll fight them off with all we’ve got, stopping the BLM thugs from taking over the Ukraine and Russia as they took over all those formerly great states of Europe. 

    “Though we will be painted as enemies of the world, booted from the financial system, and viciously attacked for our pains, most of all from those BLM-worshipping lunatics in the US, we will fight on, whatever the cost might be, until the bitter end or sweet victory. Given the West’s decadence, we expect the sweet fruits of victory.

    Predictably, the leftists in the US mainstream media absolutely lost their minds over that portion of the speech, claiming that Putin’s opposition to thuggery and rioting makes him a “fascist” and that his refusal to accept a BLM takeover of Russia or Ukraine was “racism.”

    Putin didn’t respond to them or give them the least bit of his mind, instead leaving it to the West to eat its own as he defended his culture from outside attacks.

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