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Combat Veteran: Fight for Freedom is At Home, Not Abroad

    Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

    According to Republican candidate for office and Iraq War combat veteran Kent Keirsey, a brave patriot who did an excellent interview with Breitbart News about the fight for freedom, that fight isn’t occurring abroad. No, according to Keirsey, it’s occurring at home; the war for freedom is being waged domestically.

    But he didn’t start there. To prove his patriot credentials, Kiersey described his career and why he signed up to fight abroad, saying:

    I joined the military when I was 17, went to West Point, had no doubt in my mind that America was the greatest country on the face of the planet. And so I stepped up to serve that.

    “I’m proud that we still have men and women today that think of our country that way are willing to step up and serve and I think it’s a noble profession.

    “You know, that’s one of the reasons I’m running. I think that we need to have folks in office and understand that understand what it means to serve in Congress, in our country, especially these times when we have conflicts blowing up around the globe.

    One thing he didn’t mention there but perhaps should have was whether it’s “a noble profession” despite the gradual wokeification of the officer corps, or if he doesn’t support the now-woke military.

    However, one of Kiersey’s later points was quite good. Describing his shift from military life to small business, he described how the real fight for freedom is happening at home, saying:

    I wanted to really understand what made this country great because I felt like, you know, while I was fighting for freedom abroad, and we have men and women doing that today, and that’s important, that really the fight for freedom was here, back at home.

    And I went to understand on a visceral level what made our country great. So I went off, and I studied the law. I studied the Constitution, and then I went off to school obviously. I met folks that were starting businesses, veterans that have started their own business. And I thought to myself; this is a real way to add value to the world. You create businesses, you build things you employ, folks. This is where innovation happens.

    The war for liberty isn’t being waged abroad. It’s being fought at home, domestically, by all those that are struggling to live their lives and build up America.

    Perhaps just as importantly was Kiersey’s slamming of Biden’s foreign policy, particularly the immigration aspects of it. Speaking on that, he said:

    I think you’re right from a national security standpoint, the last year has been pretty tragic. The border is one part of this, we need to secure our borders in this country, it’s an embarrassment.

    “Half of it is that we need to actually have some common sense policies and invest in securing our border.

    The other half of it is we cannot signal to the world that they can just come here and violate our laws, and then we’re gonna take care of them and write them checks. We need to signal the world that folks want to come to this country. They need to do so legally. And they need to come here with attitude. They’re going to work hard and make a living here, not a handout.”

    Indeed it is an embarrassment. But if we win the domestic fight for freedom, if patriots like Kiersey are elected rather than losers like Biden, then perhaps the embarrassment can be replaced by triumph.

    By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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