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Democrats Convinced One More Brian Stelter Harangue will Convince GOP To Hate Trump

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    NOTE: The following article is satire, not a statement of fact. Treat it as such.

    Will Democrats ever be able to teach Republicans to hate rather than love Donald Trump, leader of the MAGA movement, GOP kingmaker, and the definite patriot that fights for them whatever the circumstances?

    Well, they won a few small victories, convincing such shining stars of conservatism as Jonah Goldberg and Liz Cheney to hate Trump and side with the left and its propagandists on cultural issues.

    Other than that, however, the left’s war for convincing the GOP to hate Trump has so far been a miserable failure, with most GOP voters and non-crazy people being entirely unconvinced by the deranged arguments of the left and far more willing to defend Trump than attack him when they see such networks as MSNBC and CNN unfairly and crazily criticizing him.

    But they’re still not convinced that it won’t work; according to a leak from a Democrat strategist group, the same brain trust that organized Hillary’s 2016 campaign, all Republicans really need to hear to ditch Trump in droves is “one more Brian Stelter harangue telling them that they are ‘racists’ for supporting Trump.

    That leak, which took the form of a thumb drive dropped in the Daily Caller’s mailbox, included the strategy document containing that point, in which a top Democrat strategist said:

    We’re on the verge of victory after seven long years of total war in the media, almost able to take down the bad orange man by convincing his current supporters to hate him, as we know they will if we just get the right message to them, as worked so well with Liz Cheney and her buddy Adam Kinzinger.

    “That message, we think, is telling them that Trump is ‘racist’, for vague and undefined reasons that can’t be easily refuted, of course, and thus that they are ‘racists’ if they support him. 

    “We understand that that line of attack has been used time and time again, but the levels of frustration that we’re seeing in the GOP when we present that argument suggests that they will just give up on Trump and support someone else in the hope we stop the “racist” line of attack if they do so. That or they erupt, a la January 6th, which would also be a win for us unless it gets unpredictably brutal. 

    “Regardless, we think it’ll lead to a good outcome for us and thus something we should pursue. Frankly, we are fully convinced is all it will really take to push the right away from Trump and into our arms is one more harangue from Brian Stelter telling them that they’re racist if they don’t do so.

    Trump, for his part, was unimpressed by the report, posting on Truth Social about it and saying “Isn’t Mr. Potatohead about to be fired? Looks like their secret weapon isn’t all that great after all!

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