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Democrats Turn on Biden after He Praises George Washington

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    Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

    NOTE: The following article is satire, not a statement of fact. Treat it as such.

    President Slow Joe Biden just gave a bizarre speech about government funding of art in which he suggested that George Washington would have supported subsidies for work “artwork” and that “our democracy” depends on taping a banana to a wall and calling it art. During that speech, Biden said:

    General Washington wrote, and I quote, “The arts and sciences [are] essential to the prosperity of the State and…the ornament and happiness of human life.”

    He knew the greatness of a nation was measured not only by the strength of its army and the vastness of its geography, the size of its economy, it was also measured in the vitality of its culture — and the culture forged in the freedom of expression to speak and to think freely. 

    Freedoms that must always be defended for democracy is a covenant — a covenant we have with each other.  And I don’t know how many times in graduate school and undergraduate school I learned that democracy has to be fought for for every generation.  We learned that this year.  It has to be fought.

    Democracy is a choice.  It’s a choice we make to choose union over disunion, progress over chaos, and literally truth over lies; a choice to remember history, not erase it, no matter how hard it is that people try to sometimes erase it. 

    And that’s what great nations do: They face reality.  We’re a nation — a great nation in large part because of the power of the arts and humanities that’s stamped into the DNA of America.

    Whatever else, at least he was trying to be positive about President George Washington, father of the country and hero of the American Revolution.

    But that’s exactly what got him in trouble with the radical left, which lost its mind over the idea that he’d dare defend the Founding Fathers.

    His Vice Presiden Kamala Harris, for example, said in an appearance on MSNBC that she was “appalled” that Biden would “dare defend an enslaver responsible for the suffering of so many people of color” and that Biden “should be punished and have to pay reparations to those hurt by his insensitive remarks.”

    Similarly, Rep. AOC of New York said “This is literally fascism. Like I can’t even. What sort of horrid, enslaver-loving white man would dare defend a man who LITERALLY whipped people of color? This is pure evil and we need a new president.”

    Joining the fray was Georgia Congressman Hank Johnson, the dimwitted Democrat who thought Guam would tip over if too many military personnel were stationed on it. He said that “Racism is never acceptable, and there’s nothing more racist and evil than America’s Founding.” Continuing, Hank demanded that he be made president as a form of “political reparations” to the “formerly enslaved community.” Congressman Johnson was never enslaved and got into college thanks to affirmative action.

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