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DeSantis Asks for Trump’s Endorsement in Running Against Trump, “I Won’t Win MAGA Otherwise”

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    Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

    NOTE: The following article is satire, not a statement of fact. Treat it as such.

    In a desperate bid to cash in on Trump’s record of making absolutely horrible endorsements on Twitter when pressed by random people close to him to do so (Paul Ryan for Speaker of the House, Mitch McConnell for Senate, Mitt Romney for Senate, etc.), Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has now asked for Trump’s endorsement…for 2024…in which primary he’ll be running against former President Trump for the GOP nomination.

    Trump, unsurprisingly, fired from the hip with his first response and said that he would “absolutely support” the “great governor from Florida, who has done SO MUCH to make Biden look like an absolute fool.”

    That post was posted on Truth Social, not Twitter, and led to dismayed responses from many of former President Trump’s supporters, all of whom were excited for him to be running again in 2024 and upset that he had decided to drop out of the race.

    Trump then apparently reflected and learned what was actually going on with the race and what DeSantis had asked him for, and then posted a second Truth Social post saying that he would “absolutely support Ron Desantis if he decided not to run, because Ron does a GREAT job in Florida.” “However,” former President Trump continued, “so long as I plan on running in 2024, which I ABSOLUTELY DO, I will be supporting ME over RON. Sorry, RON! Just wait till 2028!”

    DeSantis and his staff were apparently unsurprised by how the interaction had gone, not surprised in the least that Trump had responded by first firing from the hip and then later by revoking the endorsement once he realized what was going on and that he might have inadvertently removed himself from consideration in 2024.

    DeSantis did, however, say on Twitter that he liked former President Trump’s first post more and that he would be referring more to it going forward. He later had to clarify that that was a joke once Twitter users used the “add context” button to note that Trump had not actually ended up supporting DeSantis for 2024.

    DeSantis did also use the incident as an opportunity to announce his 2024 bid, saying that although he had only received the conditional support of President Trump for his presidential bid, he was certain that numerous American patriots would be excited to support him in 2024 and help push a pro-America, pro-freedom agenda.

    It’s unclear where most on the GOP fell, with most obviously being annoyed with Trump’s firing from the hip on yet another issue but also not certain if DeSantis was really ready for the primetime of presidential politics.

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