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Elon Claims Predator Drone Following Him around After He Mocked Biden on Twitter

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    Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

    NOTE: The following article is satire, not a statement of fact. Treat it as such.

    Elon recently brutalized Biden and his family on Twitter, using every trick in the Twitter troll’s book to mock the whole Biden Crime Family and try to use his 100 million or so Twitter followers to make those corrupt fools very uncomfortable.

    It began when Biden tried mocking the Trump family on Twitter after Trump’s tax returns were released, saying that “Hunter had always paid his fair share in taxes, unlike tax-dodging Trump and his idiot kids.” That didn’t work out great for Biden, as people were quick to point out that, according to the data on Hunter’s laptop, he had not always paid his “fair share” in taxes but had instead been dodging taxes on much of the benefits, cash, and “gifts” he was given by the Chinese government for peddling influence with his dad. Similarly, Biden was hammered because he had not been paying taxes on the benefits that found their way to him or on the “10 percent for the big guy” that became famous after the New York Post report on Hunter’s laptop.

    Well, Elon joined in the Twitter mockery of Biden. Beginning with a picture meant to draw attention to his post, a picture of Hunter Biden smoking crack while in his underwear and surrounded by young prostitutes, Elon posted a threat that many suspect was ghost written by journalist Matt Taibbi, went on to brutally mock Biden for his claims about Trump’s tax returns and showing what was going on with Biden’s finances.

    That thread got millions of likes and retweets, along with nearly a billion views in total, causing much embarrassment to Biden and his family at a time when things are already not looking great for them thanks to the renewed attention brought to Biden and Hunter because of Elon’s Twitter Files and tales from the censorship regime.

    Well, since it was such a problem for Biden and his family, things are looking incredibly risky and threatening for Elon Musk, who is now claiming on Twitter that a Predator drone has been following him around since the thread went viral on Twitter, saying “Looking up at the sky and seeing a Predator drone following you around constantly is scary to some. Luckily I have Space X protecting me from harm, try me Biden!”

    Elon then posted an infographic showing a Space X satellite being used to hijack an unnamed drone that looked suspiciously like a Predator drone and make it fly back to its base. He suggested that the Ukraine could pay him for the capability if it wanted, but the message was clear: his capabilities were just as sophisticated as those controlled by the US government and Brandon regime, if not more so.

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