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Embarrassing: New Video Leaks of Hunter Biden Blaming “Bidenflation” for High Crack Prices

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    Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

    NOTE: The following article is satire, not a statement of fact. Treat it as such.

    In yet another embarrassing moment for the Biden Administration at a time when out of control inflation is ravaging the economy, sky-high gas prices are emptying consumer wallets, foreign policy blunders are being a constant problem, and Americans are growing more and more upset about the state of things, another video of Hunter Biden has dropped and, based on the tone and content of the video, it sure sounds like the “Let’s Go Brandon” movement has another member.

    That’s because Hunter Biden, who is naked and smoking his now ubiquitous crack pipe in the video as a woman many assume to be a prostitute screams at him, can be heard complaining about “Bidenflation” and how his dad’s brutally bad economic policies have made his favorite drug more expensive.

    In the video, as the scantily clad prostitute throws slices of lunchmeat at him and screams about needing a cut of the crack that the two had just purchased, Hunter can be heard yelling back:

    “Hell no! Not with how high prices have gotten recently thanks to The Big Man and his ridiculous Bidenflation! Did you see how much prices were up since last month when we bought some? It’s absurd! So no way in hell are you getting any of my favorite rocks.

    “Heck, I mean the chemicals and whatever they use to make this stuff must be going through the roof right now. I’ll have to go to CVS to see if Quantell is ripping me off, or if prices are just up. But there’s no way you’re getting any of this stuff; I’m so desperate that I was smoking parmesan again last week, desperately hoping to get just a little something out of it. So f*** off!”

    The two then went back to screaming and throwing things at each other, with Hunter occasionally taking a  yelling break to smoke some of his precious rocks.

    He eventually passed out, falling down with the video still rolling. Asleep for two hours, the woman in the video appears to have stolen most of his crack, with his curses and muttered threats upon waking up indicating his disappointment, though upon finding that something was left in his pipe he sat back down and went back to smoking the crack pipe, forgetting about his other troubles.

    The video is important for more reasons than just entertainment and humiliating Joe: as his dad’s presidency is mentioned in it, along with inflation, the video almost certainly took place in the past year. That means Hunter is still using crack, contrary to what was previously thought. Whether the police will act to seize that crack is, however, unclear. Team Biden has not commented on the new video.

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