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Fact-Checkers Declare Klaus Schwab Speech on “Great Reset” a Conspiracy Theory Despite Schwab Actually Giving the Speech

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    Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

    NOTE: The following article is satire, not a statement of fact. Treat it as such.

    Klaus Schwab recently appeared for a World Economic Forum event in Geneva in which he discussed the continuing need for a “Great Reset,” saying:

    Friends, fellows, peasants watching this online, the time is now for a change in how the world treats events, treats economics, treats reality.

    “For too long we have accepted the ridiculous idea that capitalism works, that money must be sound, that eating beef and potatoes is healthier than eating canola-fried soy chunks or bug-based burger patties. No longer!

    “No, the time is now for a Great Reset, a titanic shift in which we change how we view the world and begin to rethink and then redevelop the systems that hold it together. 

    “Gone will be the days of crazy concepts like private ownership of goods, cash money that can’t be traced by central banks, food that you can buy without a ration card despite it not being good for the environment. 

    “All that will change as we rework the world in our image, redeveloping everything that must be changed as we redirect our world toward fighting off the anger of the sun monster and prevent climate change, redo the economy so that it is better for people of color, and redistribute wealth to ensure that all are equal. Well, all others than the forward-thinking ones gathered here.

    Despite Klaus Schwab giving the speech to a massive crowd and streaming it out to thousands of active viewers, something that led to clips of it being shared all over the internet as leftists reacted with glee and conservatives with horror, fact-checking websites like Politifact labeled any discussion of a Great Reset a “conspiracy theory,” thus causing Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook to shut down any discussion of it.

    Comically, that led to YouTube temporarily kicking the World Economic Forum off of its platform, labeling the video of Klaus Schwab calling for a Great Reset disinformation despite being the one behind the whole thing. The account was later reinstated, though only after Schwab himself released a second video in which he claimed that there was no Great Reset and that he wasn’t pushing for one but was rather only encouraging people to “look forward” and think about “resetting the world in a positive way.”

    Elon Musk then claimed that he would use the money saved from not buying Twitter to instead buy the World Economic Forum and turn it into something other than a “flaming, communist dumpster fire”, to which Klaus Schwab reacted by saying that “Tesla would have to be nationalized by the WEF after the Great Reset didn’t occur sometime in the next five or so years.”

    Elon fired back by having Tesla shut down all the cars of WEF members, leading to a standoff between the two eccentric personalities that has not yet been resolved.

    By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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