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RIDICULOUS: Lib University Bans “FJB” and “LGB” Chants Before Football Season Begins

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    Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

    NOTE: The following article is satire, not a statement of fact. Treat it as such.

    Things took a turn for the even more liberal and crazy on Tuesday when the University of Georgia, acting quickly to stop the tide of Biden hate before football season begins, released a press statement and sent out an email saying that it was banning any variation of the “Let’s Go Brandon/F*** Joe Biden” chant that swept the country last fall and showed just how much the average American hates our senile overlord.

    UGA, speaking about what is expected of students come this fall, said:

    Students, UGA fans, and future guests. We welcome you back for this upcoming football season and, less importantly for us, school year. We’re excited to see you and can’t wait to start whooping up on all those other SEC teams headed into this season, particularly those Bama boys. 

    “But there’s a new rule this year, one that will be VERY STRICTLY ENFORCED, no matter age, how much you’ve donated to the school, or who your dad is: NO VARIATIONS OF THE “LET’S GO BRANDON/F*CK JOE BIDEN” CHANT WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE STADIUM THIS YEAR.

    “Breaking that rule will mean, for students, immediate suspension, and, for fans, being permanently banned from UGA grounds.

    “President Biden did his very best to help all non-rich students by forgiving $10,000 in student loan debt and so will be respected on this campus. He’s earned our loyalty and we insist that all who attend our games respect that. 

    “Again, failure to follow this new rule will mean removal from the stadium and either being banned from UGA permanently or a semester-long suspension for students.

    Brian Kemp refused calls for intervention, declaring that he supported “academic freedom” and that if the school wanted to ban a chant then it was free to ban the chant.

    That led Trump to post a picture of Kemp with a RINO horn growing out of his nose on Truth Social, saying “First he wouldn’t stand up to VOTER FRAUD IN 2020, NOW HE WON’T STAND UP TO BLUE-HAIRED FREAKS THAT WANT TO STOP YOU FROM MAKING FUN OF BIDEN! WHAT A LOSER!”

    Numerous other universities joined UGA and banned the chant, namely all schools north of the Mason-Dixon line, BYU, UNC, Duke, and every college in California. The governors of Louisiana, Florida, Texas, Alabama, and Virginia stepped in to ensure that the chants would be allowed if organically started by the students, meaning that at least some videos of the hilarious chants will likely start coming out soon enough.

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