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“Gun Rights are Civil Rights”: An Old Video Becomes More Relevant by the Day

    Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

    I stumbled across this video from the Virginia gun rights rally that took place in January of 2020. Though over two years old now, it’s still quite relevant, as you’ll grasp when you watch it.

    In the video, the interviewed protester, in addition to just generally showing that those protesting in favor of the 2nd Amendment are a good bit more articulate than the loons that were involved with Occupy Wall Street or the BLM riots from the summer of 2020, makes a point we all need to remember: gun rights are civil rights.

    Gun rights are what make us citizens rather than subjects; they’re the tool that ensures our dignity, the mechanical guardian of our right to be free.

    The reason why that civil right in particular is so important and the determinating factor of how we’re treated over the long term is shown by Canada. There, hunting rifles and shotguns are in circulation, but the average Joe doesn’t possess an “assault rifle.”

    So, when the police force’s master, Trudeau, got mad that protesters were honking their horns in Ottawa, he went ahead and sent in the truncheon-armed thugs to root them out and shut down a peaceful protest. Like Assad, who he and the liberal regimes of the West theoretically hate, he was more than willing to use grossly disproportionate violence to defend his regime.

    And he can get away with it because Canadians aren’t armed properly to defend themselves from tyranny. Will a goose gun stop the goose-stepping police? Probably not. Will an AR-15 or SCAR? Probably.

    Which is what brings back to the idea that gun rights are civil rights. For those that don’t remember the definition, civil rights are “The rights belonging to an individual by virtue of citizenship.” Gun rights are certainly that.

    Oppressed serfs like those in Canada, no matter how cheery their culture or great their prosperity, are nothing more than subjects. They have innate rights, but not a government that has any inclination to respect those rights. Subjects are subjects and when the veneer is dropped, as it was in Canada, the ugly side of that state of being is exposed.

    In America, however, we’re citizens and those of us who take that seriously are armed with the tools necessary to defend our citizenship and the rights attendant with it, which would include gun rights.

    As Rep. Allen West put itA man with a gun is a citizen. A man without a gun is a subject.” We’re citizens. Like the Ancient Greeks in Athens or Thebes, where all the citizens had their hoplite armor and weapons ready so that they could defend their prized citizenship, like the Americans of the revolution that did so with Kentucky long rifles, like the brave defenders of the Bundy Ranch from BLM thugs, we are free citizens because we defend our freedom and citizenship.

    So, when you hear some leftist politician argue that we need gun control, remember that the goal is Canada and all that’s going on there right now.

    By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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