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How One Pro-2A Governor is Making His State a Beacon of Hope for Gun Companies

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    Gun companies are facing an onslaught of attacks from the left-right now.

    Whether it’s financial institutions trying to de-bank them, leftist politicians wailing on them in an attempt to score cheap political points, or distraught parents suing them because criminals use their products, the left’s forces are arrayed against the companies that produce the tools with which we defend our freedom.

    Well, one governor is standing up for those companies and the 2nd Amendment, making his state one they’re welcome to do business in.

    That would be Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt, who, when speaking to Breitbart News, said that Oklahoma and the companies within it are ready to do business with firearm manufacturers.

    First, he began the interview by establishing his pro-2nd Amendment credentials, telling Breitbart:

    We’re a pro-Second Amendment state. I’ll sign any Second Amendment legislation that hits my desk.

    Then, according to the article, Stitt said that he’d do whatever is necessary, from lawsuits to legislation, executive orders to anything else he can do, to stand up for the gun rights of those within his state as the leftists assault them.

    Then, moving on from a general discussion of his pro-2A stance, Stitt went on to stress that Oklahoma is welcoming such businesses with open arms, saying:

    We just want all the manufacturers–the arms companies, the ammo manufacturers–to know that they are welcome in our state. There are banks lined up in Oklahoma to do business with the gun manufacturing industry, and the gun industry here in our state.

    Perhaps that’s just a governor trying to draw in companies that will provide good manufacturing jobs, as gun companies do, and he’s more interested in the tax revenue and acclaim from bringing jobs to the state than the 2nd amendment. He’s a politician, and that’s what those people do.

    But, he did seem to seriously believe in the 2nd, showing no sign of being the manipulative Machiavellian that would lie just to draw companies into his state. Rather, he seemed to be all-in on gun rights, recognizing their importance and wanting to bring those that make them to his state.

    Regardless, he doubled down on the idea that Oklahoma is open to firearm manufacturers, saying:

    We believe in freedom for businesses, but the distinction is, we will not let a bank do business with the state of Oklahoma and also discriminate. Now, if a bank wants to discriminate on their own, we’re not going to mandate and dictate to a bank who they do business with and who they can’t do business with.

    But I can assure you there are banks lined up to do business with the gun manufacturers and we would not let them do business with the state of Oklahoma if they also discriminated.”

    If those gun manufacturers under assault need a state more amenable to their line of work to do business in, looks like Governor Stitt has made his state wide open for firearms manufacturing.

    By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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