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How the Canadian Truckers are Showing Up the Tyrant Trudeau

    Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

    Why is it that the corporate press is generally met with ridicule every time it tries to smear the brave Canadian truckers as “terrorists” or some other form of violent, malicious political actors?

    Because, despite the Trudeau government’s provocations, they’ve managed to stay in control of themselves and keep the protest peaceful.

    Despite the thuggish Canadian police showing up to steal their fuel, the only source of warmth they had in the bitterly cold Canadian winter, the truckers stayed in control. Despite the government’s threats to start taking their children if they continued protests, they kept in control, seething as they might have been. And even when Trudeau declared he would use Hitlerian “Emergency Powers” to crush the protests, using his newfound authority to debank them and steal their ability to feed themselves and their families, they stayed in control and kept their massive protest peaceful.

    That restraint is not only admirable, but it’s also the only reason they’ve been so effective and will continue to be effective.

    Trudeau and his fellow thuggish tyrants would love nothing more than for the protesters to lose it and start looting like BLM, fighting like Antifa, or running wild like Democrats when cops kill a thug. Were the truckers to do so, that would give Trudeau and his cronies all the excuse and cover they need to violently stamp out the protest, grinding the complaints of millions beneath the iron-shod boot of the police state.

    But, so far, he hasn’t had the ability to do so. Sure, he theoretically could order police in to clear the protest and, in some limited cases, has, done so. But, generally, he doesn’t have the cover needed to treat the peaceful protest as a mass riot deserving of direct action because, well, the protests have stayed peaceful. The protesters are exercising their rights as free men, nothing more.

    Yes, it’s “hypocrisy” that leftists let their friends run wild in the streets burning, looting, and murdering (guess that’s where they really got the BLM acronym from), while cracking down on conservative protesters at the first sign of trouble.

    But that doesn’t matter in the least. Was Stalin concerned about accusations of “hypocrisy” during the Holodomor? Would Pol Pot have been troubled by those rumblings when he killed off a quarter of the starving subjects of the Khmer Rouge? Did Mao trouble himself with worrying about peasants complaining that he was a “hypocrite” in holding them to a strict set of rules while letting the thugs in the Red Guard run wild?

    No, of course not. Tyrants don’t care about accusations of hypocrisy, nor are they deterred by them.

    But, so long as there is even a dribble of information leaking out, peaceful, bold protests of the sort the Canadian truckers are engaging in are effective. They frame the regime as incompetent and unpopular and the protests in the moral right. That’s why they’ve been effective so far and will continue to be effective so long as they keep the protest peaceful.

    By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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