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Kamala Blames Trump for Shooting Tragedy in Texas

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    Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

    NOTE: the following article is satire, not a statement of fact. Treat it as such.

    Kamala Harris, Team Biden’s border czar that has, as of yet, done nothing to defend the border from the Visigoth-like mob of illegal immigrants flowing across it, just released a statement on the shooting in Allen, Texas that was carried out by a Hispanic gang member. In it, she said:

    Yesterday, Allen, Texas was torn apart by a senseless mass shooting at a shopping mall—one of far too many communities impacted by gun violence. Doug and I mourn for the eight adults and children who lost their lives, pray for those wounded, and send our gratitude to the first responders who ran toward danger. As the President said, our administration will continue to support federal, state, and local law enforcement as they investigate.

    While there is much we do not yet know about this attack, here is what we do know: all Americans deserve to be safe from gun violence. But they are not. Not because we do not know the solutions. Not because the American people are divided on this issue – even a majority of gun owners support sensible reforms.

    President Biden signed the most significant gun safety legislation in 30 years and implemented important executive actions, but more must be done. Send a bill to President Biden that bans assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, implements universal background checks, and helps keep guns out of the hands of people who are a danger to themselves and others. We need action.

    Then, predictably, she blamed former President Donald Trump for the attack, saying:

    “Now, what encouraged this Hispanic, white supremacist to attack his fellow humans? Racism, pure and simple. Racism encouraged by former President Donald Trump, I should add. He’s the one responsible for this. He’s the one who encouraged people to buy guns and who stirred up hate against people of color, particularly people of color from nations south of the Rio Grande. Were he the one who were still in office and spreading such rhetoric, we think he should be the one held responsible for the shootings, that is how responsible he is.

    “So, we need a shift in how we treat free speech. We need a shift in what one can say. We need a shift in how wild rhetoric like what Trump said can be spread. As of now, we still haven’t gotten any words from Congress on what can or should be done to stop such horrors as this, but we’re ready and willing to fight crime by fighting racism, particularly of the sort that was spread by former President Donald Trump.

    “That’s how we’ll stop this. That’s how we can win. By locking up Trump for murder.”

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