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KJP Calls Abolishing the 2nd Amendment “Commonsense Gun Reform”

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    Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

    NOTE: The following article is satire, not a statement of fact. Treat it as such.

    When asked about the Biden Administration’s gun control plans during a recent press briefing, KJP did the usual and went ahead with mumbling about nothing, just tossing out platitudes in the hope that would satisfy the liberal press without committing the Biden Regime to any specific action. In her words:

    So, first, look, we’ll have more to share.  But I do want to say that the President looks — very much looks forward to meeting with the three legislators who, as you know, he spoke with, had a very important, critical — we thought — conversation with them about how to move forward with gun reform, about them doing their democratic duty, and — and peacefully protesting for assault weapons ban. 

    And what we saw, and what we saw happen to the three of them — as you heard the President say, as you have heard me say — it was undemocratic when they were expelled and essentially ousted out of their — out of their seats.  And it was also an attack on our democracy. 

    And so what you’ll see is the President sitting down with — with these three legislators, having a conversation on how to move forward — on how to move forward with commonsense gun reform; how to move forward on protecting our communities, our kids, our churches.  And he will hear them out, and he looks forward to having that conversation. 

    And we’ll have more on what that will look like and if there will be any availability for all of you to — to — to kind of experience or see that — that meeting.  I just don’t have anything at this time. 

    Predictably, that satisfied no one. Peter Doocy started asking KJP why she and the Biden regime hate the 2nd Amendment, a question to which she did not respond, while a CNN White House Correspondent accused her of “hiding being a veil of words while children die at the hands of racists.”

    Predictably, the accusation of abetting racism got KJP to freak out, so she elaborated on the administration’s plans in her typical, rambling manner. That led to her calling for an assault weapons bad, a ban on magazines that hold more than 7 rounds, and then, sensing that even that wouldn’t appease the quickly building woke mob, vowed to abolish the 2nd Amendment. She then proceeded to call all of that “common sense gun reform” and described anyone who refused to support it as a “racist hoping to use weapons of war to kill people of color.”

    Trump then released a video vowing to defend gun rights while the rest of the GOP, including Ron DeSantis, pledged to find a “middle ground that keeps Americans safe” while “also protecting their God-given rights.” In other words, all of them other than Trump are backing down.

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