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LOL: Team Brandon Embarrassed after Solar Powered Air Force One is Massive Failure

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    NOTE: The following article is satire, not a statement of fact. Treat it as such.

    President Trump was frequently mocked by the left during his presidency for his focus on the new Air Force One planes, which he wanted painted in a specific way to look better than the current Air Force One. He also haggled with Boeing officials and got them to lower the price of the plane by twisting their arms on the subject and getting them to shave off about $1 billion.

    Well, at least Trump’s meddling in the Air Force One boondoggle was productive: Team Brandon has, according to recently leaked documents, managed to waste $20 billion on a solar-powered version of the plane while accomplishing nothing of note other than lining the pockets of a few defense contractors and solar panel manufacturers.

    According to the documents, someone within Team Biden decided that the plane needed to be made solar powered so that it would stop polluting when Biden travels around and the right could no longer use the pollution from his air travel against him when he spoke about climate change.

    A fine idea, except that it was totally impractical. Solar power is possible for a few light, unmanned aerial vehicles meant to loiter in the air and not carry much other than some camera equipment, if anything.

    It is decidedly not possible, however, to power a massive behemoth of a plane like Air Force One, a plane that carries communications equipment, dozens of people, food and drink to supply all of them, and has full quarters for the president and facilities for all those on board it.

    Such a plane required jet fuel, and lots of it, to get into the air and then stay there rather than crashing to Earth in a fireball of a wreck.

    But Team Biden refused to accept that basic fact, instead demanding that Boeing add more and more solar panels to the wings and body of the plane, saying that the “sun rays are way better for the environment than jet fuel, Jack.”

    Boeing somehow managed to get the plane able to roll down the runway on solar power, but it then crashed and burned, spewing toxins into the air and wasting all the metals and materials that had to be mined using fossil fuels to be eventually used in the plane.

    Biden then reportedly wanted Boeing to try again, but the company refused to waste more time or resources on a project it knew would fail and was worried would make the company look bad to investors.

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