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Man Who Can’t Figure Out How to “Reset” WiFi Router Demands “Great Reset” of the World

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    Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

    NOTE: The following article is satire, not a statement of fact. Treat it as such.

    Two pieces of news recently broke that might seem unconnected, but are really quite related.

    The first is from an anonymous source within the White House; he leaked that Biden is apparently so inept that, whenever the Wi-Fi router goes out at his home in Delaware, he has to call over the electronic warfare specialist in the Secret Service to fix it.

    The second is from Biden himself. He, taking to the stage during the recent World Economic Forum event in Switzerland, called for a “Great Reset” following Covid, said:

    Look, Jack, here’s the thing: Cornpop was a bad dude! A very bad one. And so was Covid. Heck, it coulda even been worse. Yup, worse than Cornpop, and that’s saying something, lemme tell ya what.

    “So how are we gonna fight Mr. Covid and all the other bad dudes? With a batter reset, errr…lemme look at this…well, errr, yeah, a Great Reset! A big, huge one that’s even bigger than the check Biden sent to Hunter’s Big Guy! Wait, well….you get the point! Big, Jack, big!

    “So that’s what we need: a Great Reset to fix the Covid economy like a wifi router. Just flip on and off, am I right?

    Biden then tried shaking hands with someone on stage, but no one else was there so he wandered off the stage and started talking to what he thought was a person but was really a pole.

    Conservative commentators on Twitter quickly took to mocking Biden for the shameful display, joking about his obvious senility and the utter disgrace of not only seeing an American president call for such dramatic, socialist-style change to how the world works, but also for how embarassing it was that the administration was letting him talk and walk around without a handler to arrest his frequent verbal slides into nonsense.

    But then, when the leak about the wifi router took off on the internet, a new joke was born: Biden is the president too dumb to flip the wifi router switch but who thinks he’s smart enough to reinvent how the world works.

    That joke took off like wildfire, with all the top conservative jokes making the account and Tucker Carlson even making it on his show, saying:

    Yeah, so we have some doddering idiot in charge, a senile moron with even fewer brain cells than his son the crack addict. And it turns out, he can’t even reset the wifi in his home.

    “Now, I know that many of y’all don’t know how to do so either. My audience isn’t exactly young and tech savvy, after all. But you’re not trying to reinvent the world, to push it along hte path of some “Great Reset.” Brandon here is; the guy that can’t even reset his home wifi wants to reset the whole world! That’ll sure end well.

    By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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