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REPORT: More Biden Documents Found in Xi Jinping’s Car, Library

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    Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

    With the ongoing, painful to watch saga surrounding a bunch of classified Biden documents being found in places they shouldn’t have been continuing to unfold, you might think that things couldn’t get worse for the senile septuagenarian from an optics perspective. But, as could be predicted given that Brandon is involved, a turn for the worse is the turn they took.

    Specifically, an otherwise unrelated video that was just released from China shows that Chinese Premier Xi Jinping has access to classified Biden documents relating to national security, with analysts suspecting based on the names of the folders that the documents are related to US war plans should China invade Taiwan, if not exact copies of those war plans.

    The video was released to show Xi’s “tasteful furnishings” and the “hard work he puts in for the Chinese people.” To do so, it followed him around for a day and showed him doing everything from signing papers to inspecting military aviation units.

    Most of the 40-minute long video was predictably boring, as it was nothing more than a propaganda flick. But US security analysts ordered to watch it to see what they could glean about the CCP and Chinese state, noticed something suspicious. That was a collection of folders in the background labeled “TOP SECRET” and “CLASSIFIED”. Suspicious that there was writing in English on the folders, the analysts, a source within the CIA tells us, took a closer look at the few seconds of footage showing the folders.

    What they saw shocked them. The folders had Biden’s signature on the tabs showing who had signed them off to be taken out of the secure facility when stored and the writing on their labels showed them to be something regarding US war plans in the Pacific. Though the full labels were hidden by other books, folders, and obstructions, the analysts suspect that the documents have to do with US war plans for if China attempts to retake Taiwan, particularly regarding what the threshold for US involvement would be.

    News of that shocking discovery made its way through the CIA and Pentagon, where it was received with absolute shock and dismay, before being leaked to the press by a furious CIA officer tired of the Biden family’s China connections. From there it took off like a firestorm as the military scrambled to change any plans Red China could know about and the CIA desperately searched tens of thousands of hours of footage with Xi in it for any other clues regarding what files the Red Chinese might have.

    Biden, when pressed about the files, said that rumors he gave them to the Chinese were”malarky” and that he was committed to US national security. Hunter, however, suggested that he had received “lots of diamonds and watches” in exchange for getting Biden to hand over the documents in an email found on his laptop.


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