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“Not the Answer”: When It Comes to Gun Control, Iowa’s Governor Gets It

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    Normally, politicians of both parties tend to support at least some measure of gun control in the wake of a horrific shooting.

    While the true conservatives can be generally trusted to stand true and fight for the 2nd Amendment, all too often the RINOs and Conservative, Inc. Republicans try to appease the screaming Democrats by asserting that they’d be for “common sense” gun control proposals.

    That rarely comes to anything but, still, it’s important and unfortunate that they’re willing to accept gun control just because a tragedy has enraged the other side. The Constitution is, other than in the case of amendments, fixed and enshrines our rights; those rights are determined by God, not whether some loon went berserk and started shooting.

    Fortunately for Iowans, their governor gets that and is willing to stand up for and by the 2nd Amendment despite the horrific drive-by shooting outside a high school in Des Moines. Describing that shooting, KCCI reports that “six teenagers fired nearly four dozen shots in the shooting that killed a 15-year-old boy outside Des Moines’ East High School.

    Well, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds wasn’t willing to bow to the demands of gun control fanatics in the wake of that shooting. Instead, after saying that stricter gun control is “not the answer,” Governor Reynolds said:

    The tragedy is our educational system is letting these kids down. They should have been in school. We should be figuring out resources to help them stay there.

    “Let’s figure out how we get these kids in school, get them the education they need and set them up to be successful. Not set them up for jail or a life of crime. And so that’s where we’re going to continue to focus. We have gun laws. We have laws on the books right now for guns, and those weren’t accessed legally.

    Democrats, of course, were predictably apoplectic that she dared say the fault didn’t lie with guns.

    House Minority Leader Jennifer Konfrst, for example, said in a statement that “Iowans know the real tragedy is that a 15-year-old has died and two remain in the hospital. Instead of using our Iowa values to bring us together, Reynolds is using this tragedy to vilify teachers and drive Iowans apart.”

    Similarly, Des Moines Schools Superintendent Tom Ahart said, “It’s unfortunate that our state and our country have become a place where firearms are far too easily accessible. We remain committed to protecting our students and staff, but real change to gun laws and access would go a long way to help us.

    Though the leftists are predictably angry that Reynolds doesn’t want to punish law-abiding citizens for the evil actions of a demented few, Reynolds hasn’t backed down or called for gun control, at least so far.

    All Republicans should be taking notes. This is how you deal with attacks on gun rights, even when tragedies are the spur for calls to restrict gun rights.

    By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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