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OOPS: Biden Gets Confused During Speech, Starts Chanting “Let’s Go Brandon”

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    Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

    NOTE: The following article is satire, not a statement of fact. Treat it as such.

    Appearing for a speech in his home state of Deleware after leaving DC for an early vacation back to his now walled-off house (paid for by a credit card given to Hunter by a group of Chinese “businessmen”, of course), Joe Biden made a classic (for him) mistake and, after losing his train of thought, started chanting “Let’s Go Brandon!”

    That came when Biden was explaining why his administration had decided to forgive $10k of student loan debt for those making $150k and argue (bizarrely) that the plan wouldn’t increase inflation one bit.

    Speaking on that in a rambling, mostly incoherent speech, Biden said:

    “Back when I fought off Cornpop with a chain, he pulled out a cutthroat razor that cost a nickel! A dime! That little! Now, heck, that razor my nice nurse lets me use cost me a million bucks! Well, more like 30, you know, but still a lot!

    “And why’s that happening? Because so few young people can afford them. They raise the prices to make their money and place the burden on a…on a…well, you know, fewer peoples buying them. So it costs more, Jack!

    “And debt’s the reason for that. When the plastic won’t swipe, ya can’t buy razors! That’s no good, Jack. No good. Heck no, a bunch of malarky like when Hunter wouldn’t pay for this cool scooter I wanted. Malarky!

    “So we can fix that. To lower the cost of razors, we want more people buying them. That means making them pay less for debt, so we’re gonna forgive their debt! No more payments, Jack! Well for some of it. You can buy a lot of razors for..for…for…”

    It was then that Biden lost his train of thought, having forgotten where the teleprompter was or what part of his speech he was supposed to be reading after rambling about razor prices for a few minutes.

    And so, looking out at the silent and confused crowd, Biden apparently decided to try and get the energy levels of the media up by chanting something that he’d seen crowds of people all over the US chanting whenever he snuck past Jill and logged onto his iPhone (after asking his secretary for the password, of course).

    So, starting the chant, Biden started yelling “Let’s Go Brandon” into the microphone and clapping his hands, surprisingly staying mostly on beat. Dr. Jill quickly stomped up to the front of the stage and dragged him away while fuming, but the crowd was into it and kept chanting, detesting the current president despite his attempt to buy them off with a loan forgiveness plan.

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