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People Dressed in Black Robes at WEF Wondering If they “Might Be the Baddies”

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    Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

    NOTE: The following article is satire, not a statement of fact. Treat it as such.

    While many of the WEF attendees are “all in” on going crazy with all the eccentricities of the outfit, a good number of first-timers are less than excited about the idea dressing up like the bad guys in a Star Wars film just to promote seed oils, electric vehicles, and eating bugs.

    In fact, as Klaus Schwab gave a two hour long speech about why soy oil fried cockroaches are the “miracle food of the future, a number of the attendees (all of whom were sipping champagne and eating ribeye and risotto, rather than fried cockroaches, while he spoke) started to talk amongst themselves.

    Given that they were the ones chatting rather than laser-focused on what Klaus, who was wearing a Darth Vader costume, had to say, they were also the ones who were the least “into it” when it came to the conference and all the craziness that was going on. And so their chatter was less than totally representative of what people there were thinking, though it was probably representative of what the less crazy people in the audience were thinking as a guy dressed as a Sith lord demanded that Americans be put on a fried cockroach and tofu diet.

    Despite the weird dietary advice of Klaus and Co, the main item discussed by the attendees was not what he had to say about food, but rather what they were required to wear for the event.

    Specifically, they had been told to weird, long, flowing black robes and some strange golden pendants with a rams head and UN symbol on them that seemed straight out of “Revelation.” Some at the event found the costumes “edgy” and “cool,” but most were off-put by the idea of wearing something vaguely Satanic and certainly creepy, particularly when compared to the suit and tie attire normally worn at such events.

    One attendee, looking a bit out of place in the room as he furtively glanced around, leaned back and loudly whispered to a friend at his table, saying “Yo, Hank, do you think we’re the baddies?”

    The man who he was talking to, Hank, said “What do you mean? What baddies?” Replying, the out of place guy said “Well, I mean, our clothes. We’re wearing robes and Satanic pendats with some global order symbol. What the hell? Like it feels we’re the bad guys in a science fiction movie or something, doesn’t it? What do you think we should do?”

    Hank didn’t respond, as shortly after the whispered question was asked two burly security guards lumbered over and dragged the two possible dissenters out of the room and into a questioning facility of some sort.

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