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“So They Weren’t Defunded?” KJP Humiliated by Policing Question during White House Briefing

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    Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

    NOTE: The following article is satire, not a statement of fact. Treat it as such.

    Much as the Democrats and their allies in the media and “non-profit” complex might have whined about the police following George Floyd’s fentanyl overdose, they aren’t willing to defund all the police. They’ll defund the ones that protect normal people, sure. But not cops that stand ready to defend the elites.

    Such is what became very apparent during yesterday’s White House briefing, during which Karine Jean Pierre spoke on the supposed terrorist attack on the White House and noted that the police got involved in protecting Biden, saying:

    So, look, I can tell you this — and I want to be really careful here: This is something that the Secret Service — I would refer you to for any information that they can share, specific information. That’s where they would share that. I can share with you that the President was indeed briefed. He was briefed this morning on what’s known by Secret Service and the Park Police thus far. He’s relieved that no one was injured last night and grateful to the agents and the law enforcement officer who responded so quickly.

    Peter Doocy, chiming in, said, “Well, what about defunding the police, Karine? Why were they involved in protecting Biden if you people have been pushing for defunding them? Why are normal people not protected but Biden gets a Praetorian Guard?

    She tried to ignore him and answer another question about how much Biden knows about the situation, saying: “I can tell you — right — he was briefed this morning. That’s when he got the briefing from both Secret Service and the Park Police on what they know thus far. Clearly, the President was here yesterday working at the White House, so, of course, he was here last night. But I can tell you that he was briefed by both the relevant — revelant [sic] agencies, if you will — law enforcement agencies who had to deal with the situation. And he’s very thankful for — to them for their quick response on this particular issue.

    Doocy wasn’t letting it go. Continuing to question her, he asked, “Well why are you thankful for what those cops did but not about what they do to protect American communities? Why are cops in cities and towns ravaged by crime losing their funding and not supported, but an attack obviously carried out by the FBI gets him all buddy buddy with the people his VP was paying “protesters” to throw molotov cocktails at just a few short years ago? We remember, even if you don’t.”

    Her eyes narrowing to black points that looked like shark eyes, KFP said, “that line of questioning is racist, defamatory, and un-American. I’m not going to let you hijack this meeting with your Nazi beliefs, Peter.” Three FBI agents then walked in and grabbed Doocy by his arms and legs, dragging him out of the meeting.

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