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Texas Gubernatorial Candidate Strikes a Major Blow for Free Speech

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    Chad Prather, the conservative comedian and commentator who is running for Governor in Texas, was recently censored by Facebook, a terrifying instance of Big Tech involvement in elections. The censorship would have put him in so-called “Facebook Jail,” meaning he couldn’t post or otherwise create Facebook content until election day, something Prather announced on Twitter:

    Reporting on that suspension, the Texas Scorecard said:

    On Monday, media personality and Republican candidate for Texas governor Chad Prather was suspended from Facebook for a week.

    […]According to Facebook, Prather violated community standards on harassment and bullying when he responded to a woman trolling his account and essentially told her to do more research and spare him the “victimhood.”

    The suspension handed down from Facebook placed Prather in “Facebook jail” up until Election Day.

    Well, Prather wasn’t going to sit idly by and let the Big Tech oligarchs steal his chances of winning by kicking him off of one of the main platforms he uses to interact with his audience.

    His campaign sued, taking Facebook to court over the blatant, biased censorship, with his lawyer, Paul Davis claiming:

    That Facebook appears to be actively interfering in the Texas governor’s election to benefit the sitting governor, Greg Abbott, in order to protect a private deal that would grant Facebook subsidies with taxpayer dollars to build a new facility in Texas, is a political scandal of epic proportions. This corruption and affront on free and fair elections in Texas is an outrage that must be stopped immediately by our courts.

    Well, he won. Somehow, the Prather campaign was able to take on Big Tech censorship and win, a victory that Prather proudly announced on Twitter, saying:

    The Chad Prather campaign just fought Facebook/Meta in the court of law and WON! California corporations have no right to interfere in Texas politics and communications. If I’m fighting them now…put me in office and watch. #Prather2022

    His campaign’s attorney posted about the massive victory too, announcing the win on Twitter:

    This is a massive win for free speech, the importance of which all patriots should note.

    Up until now, Facebook has more or less acted with impunity, banning whomever it wants, up to and including a sitting president of the United States. Facing no real consequences for kicking even President Trump off of the platform, it and other social media networks have gone all-in on censorship, kicking numerous patriots off their platforms without warning and very frequently giving them no option to get their accounts back.

    But now Prather was able to sue and quickly win, protecting the integrity of the Texas gubernatorial primary from Big Tech interference and, with his victory, putting the tech oligarchs on notice that, though powerful, they’re not untouchable.

    Now, with this victory in hand, other patriots can start to sue. It won’t be binding precedent, as it was only a temporary restraining order coming from a lower court, but it is a victory that patriots who have seen their social media accounts vanish in the blink of an eye can point to when trying to defeat Big Tech’s arbitrary application of nebulous terms of service in court.

    By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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