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The Anti-Liberty Desire Lurking Behind Defund the Police

    Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

    Why do Democrats want to defund the police? Is it because they actually care about the hoodie-clad valuable young man slinging crack on a street corner with a Glock tucked in his waistband or the twelve-time rapist that just got arrested yet again but is pledging to the Soros-backed DA that he’ll be as free of sin as an unblemished lamb if let out for the thirteenth time?

    No, it’s not. If they really cared about those people, they’d lock them up and force them to reform and atone for their sins while also flooding the communities they had once preyed upon with police to make such criminality next to impossible. And if they cared about the victims of such thuggish criminals, they’d make sure justice was served and the criminals dealt with harshly.

    But, of course, no one ever suspected them of actually caring about those they’re pledging to help. That’s not their goal when they attack local police as “racist” and demand that their cronies in state and local government defund them.

    No, their goal is to eradicate police temporarily, making crime so terrible that the average American will put up with any resolution that makes the crime stop. The solution Democrats will inevitably proffer is replacing those local police departments they destroyed with a federal police force, a desire they exposed when they pushed to make the Capitol Police a nationwide force.

    Why do they want that? Well, just think about it- would your local sheriff or police chief go along with it if Nancy Pelosi demanded that the police batter down the door of every gun owner and confiscate his guns, if AOC demanded that your children be taken from you because you refused to allow your five-year-old to bend to his Wormtongue-like teacher’s wishes and trans himself, or Ilhan Omar’s demands that every small community take in its fair share of “refugees” from hellholes like Somalia, Yemen, and Afghanistan.

    If not, that’s why Democrats want to federalize the police. They know that a few police chiefs and sheriffs in deep blue cities, along with the officers and deputies under their control, might go along with radical leftist plans and demands, should it ever come to it. But, a federal force controlled by DC would be just as leftist-leaning as the military, if not more so.

    Your local sheriff might not order his men to confiscate your guns, but General Milley in a police costume sure would, as would all the other BLM-patch-wearing leftists that represent the woke, modern military.

    The left has succeeded wildly in turning the military into a woke force, as we’ve seen under Biden in the past few months, with General “White Rage” Milley being a prime example. There’s no reason to suspect that they wouldn’t be able to do the same with a federal police force.

    But they’ll only be able to create such a force if they first defund the police and make the situation intolerable from a crime perspective. While the useful idiots might just dislike the police, the smarter ones behind the policy are after something bigger: they want to wage a war on liberty and see a federalized force as the way to cement their power.

    By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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