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The Four Derby Horses that Died Were Vaccinated, Fauci Admits

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    Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

    NOTE: The following article is satire, not a statement of fact. Treat it as such.

    Four Kentucky Derby horses just died under suspicious circumstances, as Fox News Digital reported. In its report on the mater, Fox said:

    Parents Pride collapsed and died following its race Saturday, while Chasing Artie died after its race Tuesday. No cause of death for the two horses has been determined, although the deaths do not appear to be injury-related. Bloodwork and labs came back normal, so necropsies will be done to determine how the horses died.

    Take Charge Briana was euthanized Saturday after sustaining an injury that was called “catastrophic” by Daily Racing Forum.  

    Wild on Ice was also euthanized Thursday after breaking a hind leg while training. The horse, owned by Frank Sumpter, was preparing to run at the Kentucky Derby

    What happened to them? Well, it turns out that they had received the Covid-19 vaccine. Both shots and two boosters, in fact. They then died of “unexpected heart issues” suspiciously similar to those plaguing the young athletes that have died en masse over the past year.

    Dr. Fauci, ever hungry for media attention, decided to appear on CNN to discuss the matter with the nation. Speaking to a CNN panel composed of various nobodies, Dr. Facui said:

    “Look, what is important here, in this case, is that these horses could have died of Covid had they not died of…well this surprise and unfortunate incident. Well, really, it isn’t an incident so much as a random series of unconnected and unimportant, random, not important events that we really shouldn’t even be paying attention to. That’s what think, here.

    “Because, well, look. Look. See, these horses have large hearts. They’re quite at risk of Covid, which is what causes the heart problems you’ve seen…not the vaccine. Definitely not the vaccine. So, look, see, what could have happened is these horses could have died far earlier. They could have gotten a heart disease and died long ago, back before other important races or whatever. See, that’s the big thing. So we need to remember that the vaccine, before these horses died at the same time but not for any reason. So that’s what is important, see.”

    Later, undercover journalists working for the O’Keefe Media Group discovered that, far from being so unfortunate as to have died at the same time but for no reason, the horses had been used secretly by Dr. Fauci and his cronies for secretive gain of function research.

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