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The Threat to Liberty is in the West, Not Moscow

    Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

    Right now, the Uniparty elites are working all the levers of media they know to make Putin like the most evil of all dictators and the Ukrainian president, Zelensky, like a hero.

    Wanting to stir up war with the nation they’ve wanted to fight since the Cold War began and wanted to crush into becoming a “liberal democracy” ever since Putin began a traditionalist revival, increasing the number of Russians identifying as orthodox to 80% and radically decreasing the number of abortions in Russia, they’re turning a fight over territory into a holy war against the evil Russians and “authoritarianism.”

    We’re told that we have to go fight them over there, whether in the form of a no-fly zone or something else, or else the evil Russians will tyrannize the world.

    It’s a ludicrous story, particularly considering it’s at most 200,000 Russian troops involved in invading a nation larger than Iraq. Even if they win the war, a return of Stalin’s Holodomor it will not be.

    In any case, regardless of the fever dreams and propaganda of the Karl Rove and Hillary Clinton types, the idea that the enemy of liberty resides in some Russian dacha or hall of the Kremlin is simply absurd.

    Was it Putin that forced masks mandates on everyone, forcing young children to wear a face diaper to go to school and preventing many from seeing human smiles for years?

    Was it Putin that forced many a person to take a vaccine they had no intention of taking, forcing the jab on them despite their protestations?

    Was it Putin that shut down small businesses for weeks, if not months, while letting Big Businesses stay open?

    Was it Putin that galavanted around hair salons or Michellin star restaurants like the French Laundry while demanding that his subjects quarantine and keep their businesses shuttered in the name of “public safety?”

    No, it wasn’t. It was Western leaders, the enlightened despots wielding the scepter in “liberal democracies” that did that. They’re the ones who shut down businesses while forcing the many aspects of the biomedical police state on you.

    What is freedom if not the ability to not be injected with some elixir you’re unsure of? What is freedom if not the ability to keep your business open when and how you want?

    Sure, Putin might be a thug and there are better rulers than he, particularly if you prefer individual liberty to national glory. But as for his being any more an “authoritarian”  than the Western leaders that slander him as such, well that’s just absurd.

    The threat to our liberty doesn’t lurk in Moscow nor does it reside in St. Petersburg or hide out in the vast forests of Siberia. The enemy of our freedom isn’t a Russian tank or pro-Putin militia. No, it’s that nefarious force lurking in Democrat-controlled cities and states, that pernicious force of tyranny behind all the abuses of government power we’ve seen in the past few years.

    By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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