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Why Liberty-Minded Patriots Should Stand By Joe Rogan

    Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

    In the wake of the left’s attempt at canceling Joe Rogan and his resulting semi-apology, it might be hard to stand by him. That’s not because of what he said; Rogan obviously isn’t the “racist” the MSM hacks are portraying him as, nor are conservatives likely to mind that he had doctors come on the program to share their heterodox opinions on vaccines and Covid.

    Rather, it’s hard to stand by anyone who apologizes to the mob: why should you stand up for someone and fight against as vicious an enemy as the cancel culture mob on their behalf if they won’t even show some backbone and stand up for themself?

    Normally, that’s the right way to think. Bowing to the cancel culture mob is shameful and you generally shouldn’t respect those that are willing to apologize even though they’ve done nothing wrong.

    However, this case is different, for two reasons. One is that though Rogan apologized, he didn’t do so in the self-flagellating, humiliating way others do. Rather, he seemed to think he had done something wrong and felt bad about it. It’s not ideal that he apologized, as that’s admitting guilt and the mob can smell weakness, but if he thought he did something wrong then apologizing is fair enough.

    More importantly, however, we can’t let them cancel Rogan because if they can cancel Joe then they can cancel anyone. What’s at stake now isn’t something as simple as whether or not you get to listen to a guy joke with interesting people about aliens and DMT. What’s at stake is whether the establishment and its blue-haired allies can cancel the main guy that’s been spreading heterodox opinions.

    Without Joe, far fewer people would have doubts about what the government is telling them, think widely and deeply about whether the conventional path is the right path, or even have started taking their health more seriously and eating better or exercising more.

    That he’s changed so many minds, or at least gotten so many people to start thinking again, is no mean feat. And it’s exactly why the left hates him; he’s the one shaking average Americans out of the mental slumber they were indoctrinated into with years of leftist schooling. Without him, the regime’s lies would stand unchallenged, at least in the minds of many “normies.”

    That’s why we have to stand by Rogan; without him, some will find ways to keep hearing heterodox opinions, but many more will revert back to the leftist-imposed groupthink and start believing the regime’s lies again. For those that want to preserve liberty and defeat the Pantsuit Empire, that outcome should be unacceptable.

    So stand by Rogan. Sure, he’s not the perfect hero for conservatives. He does drugs, isn’t a conservative by any stretch of the imagination, and isn’t necessarily “red-pilled” on a host of issues. But he’s the guy that’s been sharing heterodox opinions and is the biggest name in media; if the mob can tear him down, it can tear anyone down. We have to stop them.

    By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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