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English WWI Commemoration Canceled Because “Most Veterans Were White”

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    Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

    NOTE: The following article is satire, not a statement of fact. Treat it as such.

    Acting in just the way that we know they all want to, the leftists behind “city planning” and “city events” across the nation of Great Britain used their power to cancel a commemoration of the Battle of Mons, which began on the 23rd of August, 1914 and was the battle where the outnumbered and outgunned Brits bravely stood up to the advancing German steamroller and, though they suffered heavy casualties, managed to slow the steamroller enough for the Brits and French to push back on the German steamroller in the Battle of the Marne a few weeks later.

    In the past, it’s been a major day of celebration, if one tinged with sadness as those celebrating it remember the horrific bloodshed that followed the Battle of Mons.

    But not any longer. Now, those city-planner and city event coordinator types, all of them completely imbued with the leftist mindset and so focused on advancing leftism that they think of practically nothing else, have used their power to cancel the celebration and day of remembrance, declaring in a unified and coordinated fashion that the celebration is “racist” because practically all of the participants in the battle were white” and because the war the battle was fought in was “a vicious, racist war of empire in which many people of color died to defend white empires”.

    Most of the British populace was shocked and saddened by the fact that they were no longer able to remember the Battle of Mons as they have for over a century now, waving little flags and poppies in remembrance of the brave stand of the BEF and the long bloodletting that ensued, one in which the manhood of one of the greatest civilizations to ever have existed was wiped away by a roar of artillery and barrage of bullets.

    However, the Brits no longer extend protections on “racist” or “hurtful” speech, so few were willing to take a stand and either lay a poppy at the war memorials anyway or even speak out against the cancelation of the event on social media, worrying that some jackbooted Bobby would show up to drag them off to jail for daring to offend a recent immigrant/migrant that hasn’t worked a day in his life but expects the welfare state to care for him as he sexually assaults English girls regardless.

    And so the day passed in silence, with the oppressed Brits furious about the decision but too scared of their globalist-occupied government and the feelings of layabout, rapist migrants from Pakistan and the Dark Continent to speak out against the attack on the memory of their ancestors.

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