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YIKES: Biden Raises Hell after UN Trolls Him by Declaring “Sniffing the Hair of Little Girls” a “Crime Against Humanity”

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    Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

    NOTE: The following article is satire, not a statement of fact. Treat it as such.

    As most of the United States public now knows, or is at least gradually coming to understand, President “Slow Joe” Biden is doing a far worse job for us on the world stage than former President Trump ever did.

    Sure, the whining ninnies in Western Europe might have complained about him being “mean” or “racist,” but those who matter took him seriously because he projected strength and seemed just crazy enough that he’d do whatever he wanted unless they proved amenable to a deal with him.

    Not so with Biden. He’s soft, demented, and quite buyable (just take a look at the Hunter Biden laptop), so other world leaders love him. He might say that “no one f***s with a Biden,” but in reality everyone does.

    The Russians invaded the Ukraine under his watch. The Chinese are angling to invade Taiwan, looking for a prime opportunity to do so as Biden naps at the helm and demands more pudding. The Afghanistan pull out was a complete disaster. Now the Saudis are spitting in his face and cutting oil production after he begged them to start pumping more oil.

    In short, his foreign policy has been a complete disaster. And why has it been such a dismal failure? Because the other world leaders don’t respect him.

    Such is what they showed yet again during a UN meeting last week. During a bitter argument about “war crimes” committed by both sides in the Ukraine conflict and who should be punished for what, if at all, the Chinese got the whole assembly (other than the US representative) laughing by pulling up a picture of Biden sniffing a young girl’s hair as she tried pulling away and looked abjectly terrified.

    Pointing at the picture and trying not to double over laughing, the Chinese representatives suggesting that “grabbing little girls by the shoulders and sniffing their hair in a creepy, perverted fashion” should be considered a “crime against humanity” and those leaders who “engaged in such despicable, predatory behaviors” should be “tried at the Hague for their predations.”

    The Taiwanese delegation even jumped up and said that they found the proposal a place where they could “find common ground with the CCP” as the delegations of the two, nearly warring countries laughed hysterically at the idea.

    A collection of delegates representing third world strongmen long tired of US hand-wringing over how they put down insurrections joined in as well, saying that the world “has a responsibility to protect” young girls such as the one in the picture and that “the US cannot be allowed to get away with such a heinous crime.”

    The US representative vetoed the suggestion, but it was still humiliating for Brandon.

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