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Yikes: Democrats Confused by High Number of Guns, Knives Committing Crimes

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    Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

    NOTE: The following article is satire, not a statement of fact. Treat it as such.

    Democrats are attempting to respond to the plague of violence that America has faced following the death of George Floyd and the soft on crime policies that many far-left Democrats running blue states and cities adopted following his high-profile death and the resulting disorder.

    However, many of them seem confused about what is leading to the increase in crime, as they continually place the blame on inanimate objects, blaming knives, guns, and the like whenever crimes occur.

    Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, for instance, recently gave a speech decrying “gun violence” in inner-city communities, saying:

    Here’s the thing, folks: there’s a plague of gun and knife violence in these inner-city communities. I know my Republican colleagues claim that I won’t admit that there is a crime problem, but I will. I will.

    “So let me say this for all to hear for once and for all: we can no longer tolerate this gun violence. These guns are wreaking havoc in our communities, preying on the innocent, and draining the blood of those who just want to go about their daily lives. Gun violence, knife violence, and the like must be stopped! We have to stop it.

    “And how can we do so? We have to get these guns out of our communities and stop them from inflicting such crimes on our communities and wreaking havoc in the lives of the people who live in those communities.”

    Responding to that speech in an uncharacteristically laconic manner, Trump posted about the speech on Truth Social and said:

    “All she would need to do to make that speech accurate is replace ‘guns’ with ‘criminals’. But she won’t do it. Sad!”

    Following up on Pelosi’s speech, California Governor Gavin Newsom attacked gun violence as well, saying that “these guns must be stopped” and that the state of California would be doing whatever is necessary to “keep guns off of the streets” and “prevent guns from causing inner-city violence.”

    Responding to Newsom’s speech, Trump replied in a similar manner to what he said about Pelosi’s speech, saying “Not guns, criminals! Keep those off the streets, Greasy Gavin.”

    Showing Democrat lack of understanding on the issue, however, Newsom and a cabal of other blue-state governors worked together to release a million criminals from jail early, claiming that doing so was advancing the goal of “restorative justice”.

    Crime skyrocketed following that decision, causing them to blame guns and knives and once more pledge to crack down on those violence-causing guns and knives.

    The GOP, other than Trump, remained mostly muted on the matter, not wanting to wade into the fight and be accused of “racism” for blaming the mostly “BIPOC” criminals for rampant violence within inner-city communities.

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