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“You Can’t Lie, Only We Lie!”: Leftist News Anchor Loses It after George Santos Clip

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    Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

    NOTE: The following article is satire, not a statement of fact. Treat it as such.

    GOP Congressman George Santos, one accused of (and almost certainly guilty of) lying about his past to get elected, just appeared on Newsmax to discuss his reelection campaign, saying:

    Look, nobody’s immune to making mistakes in life. I’ve owned up to them. You know, I wish every politician would go on TV and admit when they lie, but they don’t. And with that, they continue to hurt Americans.

    Continuing, Santos said, “Look if anything, I’ve hurt myself, right? But my campaign was a campaign with promises and with measures I have delivered on every single one of my campaign promises.

    Then, when asked who he really is, Santos said, “I have my story. I am George Santos. I am the son of immigrants. The kid who came from a basement apartment, worked my butt off to get to where I did. Honestly, I didn’t steal, cheat kill or anything, right?

    Later, he added, “I would not run if I thought I have — if I knew I had made or committed any crime. So, that should show you proof that I have a clean conscious moving forward.

    So he’s a liar and not particularly embarrassed about that…how does that make him any different from anyone else in Congress? Isn’t that the whole joke about government?

    Well, yes, but the left likes to think that only their side can lie and get away with it. Don Lemon ranted and raged on CNN this morning after playing that clip of George Santos, screaming (with his two, female co-hosts watching him while looking very, very uncomfortable) about Santos being a “proven liar.” During his long, revealing rant, Lemon said:

    “Look, this is just unacceptable. Santos lied and needs to be held accountable for it. Sure, many people in Congress and politics lie. Yeah, I wasn’t born yesterday, I know that. But look, look, like, well when we lie…when people in this sphere lie, they do it for good reasons, not greed for power. When people like, you know, Pelosi or whoever, lie, they’re doing it because they think they need to do so to improve the lives of ordinary Americans. That’s a good thing and frankly I think we need to give them more credit for so bravely doing it.

    “But Sants? He didn’t lie to further the cause. He didn’t lie to help ordinary people. He just lied to advance himself and gain more personal power! That’s what he did. That’s what’s wrong. That’s what must be fought against! So, yeah, people like that can’t lie. He, you can’t lie, only we can lie! We do it for good reasons, not selfish desires for personal advancement!”

    His cohosts looked at their feet uncomfortably as the segment ended and CNN cut to its advertising break, with the first ad popping up being one about Kamala Harris saying that she is the most “honest” person in DC.

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