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“You’ll Soon Have 1 Million Mexicans Working with You”: Biden gives Ominous “Congrats” to Steel Workers

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    Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

    NOTE: The following article is satire, not a statement of fact. Treat it as such.

    A steel worker plant in GA recently decided to unionize, a decision which President Joe Biden decided to congratulate them, saying:

    Congratulations to the workers at Blue Bird in Fort Valley, Georgia, on their vote to unionize and join the United Steelworkers. The men and women at Blue Bird are building electric school buses that are powering America’s clean energy future, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, and ensuring our kids breathe cleaner air. The fact is: the middle class built America. And unions built the middle class. That’s why my Investing in America Agenda is about creating good-paying jobs – jobs that don’t require a four year degree, jobs you can raise a family on. Jobs where you get a free and fair choice to join a union.

    Where is it written that America can’t lead the world again in manufacturing? The workers at Blue Bird, and at companies just like it all over the country, are proving the future can and will be built in America. And union workers will be a big part of that future.

    Continuing, Biden then added, “And just think, men and women, soon enough you’ll have 1 million men working with you on the assembly line. That’s a good thing, Jack, a real good thing. Understand? A million or more. They’re nice gentlemen and ladies, here to help us keep the economy going and many good things building up for us. That’s a good thing…understand? We’ll have lots of new workers helping us make the economy way stronger and better. So i expect you to welcome them into your union, a union which we in the Democratic Party and Biden Administration certainly support.”

    Tucker Carlson used his first show on Twitter to tear into Biden for the statement and call it out, saying:

    “Now this is just the Great Replacement, pure and simple. That’s literally what it is. “Nice union, hope something happens to it…namely the replacement of you with a million guys from south of the border. Ain’t that great” Yeah, that’s actually what our invader in chief said. It’s as if he’s the head of a Visigoth horde marching on Rome and he’s actually trying to convince the Romans that torching the city is a good thing for them. And are people gonna believe him? Sure, because they’re idiots.

    “So, using your hard-earned tax dollars, that’s what the Biden regime is up to right now: replacing you, your job,s nad your communities with a few million migrants that are far more politically reliable.”

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